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December 04, 2011

welcome december...

I'm welcoming December in with an open heart and prayers of happiness, health and prosperity for everyone.

They said there was a really nasty Mercury Retrograde in November. From what I understand about astrology, which isn't much, a Mercury Retrograde messes with stuff, especially mechanical or electronics. 
If you have any info or can correct me, please do!
All I know is that in November:

1) I went through 3 cell phones in one week:
one got flushed down the toilet
new one didn't work
next new one fell thru an elevator shaft crack

2) Camera broke and new cell phone camera really sucks!

3) My 1999 SUV got totaled...
thank God no one, including my son who was driving, got hurt.

So....as of today I have another vehicle. My "new" car is a 2000 SUV and I really like her.
I got a new camera too and am just learning to use it.
I actually finished something I have been wanting to try.

If you have known me for long, you know that I have been stuck on flowers and dragonflies.
I have also been drawing faces as a way to release all the emotions and feelings I have been dealing with.
I have tried working on other projects although they are started, none are done.

I started doodling again and did a couple dragonflies and flowers....
Then I added a face behind them.
I covered it with gloss gel medium.
And then started painting with watercolors.

I tried to get sheen and texture of watercolor on top of gloss gel medium in the close up.
I love the way the watercolor paint flows over the gloss.

Let me know what you think. I would really appreciate any feedback or suggestions.

Also, I would like to know if anyone else has ever gotten "stuck" in doing just one thing.
I really have tried to get the other projects done, but I continually go back to the flowers, dragonflies and now these faces. I even have another one ready to go.

I am beginning to feel like that guy in the movie Close Encounters who keeps making the same thing over and over....hmmmmm...although I seriously doubt these are for any aliens.

(On a sadder update I want to thank everyone for their prayers and healing thoughts for Jaybird, my friend's son who has been battling brain cancer.
"Bird" (as we all call him) flew home to be with God in heaven.
He was 21 years old and had a 2 year old son.
His mom, brothers, sisters, family and friends all need healing prayers and thoughts as they deal with their loss.
Thank you again for all the prayers. It really means so much to the family.)

~Enjoy today and have a blessed Sunday~


Heather Henry said...

OH Robin, I love this new picture. She is so very pretty. I know what you mean about feeling stuck. I get that way a lot and it seems the more I try to break out of it, the more stuck I become. I'm trying to just go with the flow and not force myself to be something I'm not.
Hooray for the new vehicle. I hope it will be a blessing for you.
And I'm so sorry to hear about Jaybird. I will continue to keep his family in my thoughts and prayers.
I hope you are having a beautiful Sunday!
Big hugs to you!

Sandra said...

Robin, sorry to hear about "Bird" I will keep you and his family in my prayers. As for your pretty girls with flowers - I think it's wonderful! I like the idea of combining your love of flowers, and faces together very creative. Don't worry too much about changing things up to fast... change comes when God wants it in the meantime do what you love... its God's way of giving you extra hugs and kisses.
Have an awesome week! Hugs, Sandra

~Rasz~ said...

Thank you so much Heather. Maybe it's so hard right now because I am trying too hard? I like your advice of just going with the flow. My new vehicle is a blessing, bigger, heavier, safer and an automatic which is easier on my neck and shoulder. Thank you for the continued prayers!

Thank you so much Sandra! Prayers really do help, even if it's just letting the family know how many people are praying for them. And yes you are right also...it's God's plan and timing... now each time I do one of these I will think of God giving me extra hugs and kisses. Thank you for that message for me to carry in my heart while I create. You have an awesome week too!

Magic Love Crow said...

The new picture is gorgeous! I think if ladies, flowers and dragonflies are calling you, paint them! Don't change! It's like me and my crows ;o) Paint what is in your heart!
I am sorry about your car, phone, and camera!! Not good! I hope the new suv and camera work out well ;o)
I will keep Bird in my prayers and his family too. He must have been a precious person, to be taken so young!
Big Hugs ;o)

rajns (carolyn) said...

Your family and his family are in my prayers. What you all are going through and have gone through is beyond words. On a happier note, really love the art in your post. Such fun and color!