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December 20, 2011

my first dragonfly girl matted on canvas

Hope everyone is enjoying the last minute rush before Christmas.
I think I need to start working on presents, decorations, ideas in January so that by the last week of Christmas I will at least have an idea of what I am trying to accomplish.
I believe I will always be a last minute, pull-it-together kind of girl.
It's worked all these years so far with no major catastrophe.

So instead of making stockings and fudge this morning, I decided to blog about my latest project I just finished! YEAH!!!!
(which was not on my Xmas to-do list)

Since I have painted four Dragonfly Girls, I need to figure out a way to display them.
Framing with glass would take away from all the texture and gloss of the pictures. I need other ways to display them.

Here is my first attempt with my favorite one, the first one I ever made:

I got an 11x14 canvas and painted the outside edges with oranges and yellows that matched the flowers:

Then I used my gloss gel medium to glue down the picture.
Once the picture was attached, 
I covered it all with another layer of gloss gel:

I would love some feedback...what do you think?

Have a Terrific Tuesday and remember only FIVE more days 'til


Ellie said...

She's gorgeous! I love it!!! Love the colors.

505whimsygirl said...

IMHO, it looks fantastic!!! I love the colors, as usual. And those big eyes, just love them!

Heather Henry said...

Robin, like you, I am a last minute girl too. No matter what, I always seem to wait til the last minute. I finally finished and mailed off my daughter's gift today....so relieved to have it done and in the post.
Your dragonfly girl looks gorgeous and I absolutely love the way you decided to display it. What a brilliant idea. It definitely retains the texture that way. I like the color you used, as well. It really accentuates the picture.
Awesome!! Peace to you, dear friend.
Big hugs!!

Diane said...

BEAUTIFUL!! and that orange just brings her out even better.
Hope you have a wonderful Holiday!!

Diane said...

BEAUTIFUL!! and that orange just brings her out even better.
Hope you have a wonderful Holiday!!

Magic Love Crow said...

Love it! You have gave me some ideas Rasz ;o)