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December 16, 2011

a little art for Christmas...

This was one of my first paintings I ever did this year. It was inspired by Mystele and was done on an old hardback book cover. I had it up on a shelf with several others in my dining area.

On Father's Day, my boyfriend's son, daughter-in-law and his two beautiful granddaughters came over. 
His oldest granddaughter, Trinity, is eight years old and could not stop staring at this picture.
Trinity, still focused on the painting, asked me who it was.

I walked over to her and explained her how I was originally creating a background and the girl had just emerged in the painting. I just painted in some details I saw. I told her I named the painting "Breaking Free" since she just appeared as if she wanted to break out of the background.

Trinity looked up at me and said "That's me. She looks just like me".
And she was right. Without knowing it, I painted Trinity.
I knew this painting would go to her, never to be copied or duplicated.
So here is what Trinity is getting for Christmas:

I actually have been doing more art. I have three more "dragonfly girls" to finish and have made a book purse too. That will be tomorrow's post.

I miss everyone and feel I have been away far too long. 
Have a Fabulous Friday!


Magic Love Crow said...

I miss you too! What a beautiful gift! It will be cherished!

Heather Henry said...

HI Robin, Missing you too. I didn't even realize til now, that you had posted this. I guess I didn't really have time to get on here yesterday...we had cookie making day. I love this picture, when I first became blogging buddies with you, it seems you had posted this or maybe it was your profile pic (I don't remember for sure, but I do love it) What a super sweet gift this will be for Trinity. I am certain she is going to be beyond thrilled.
Big hugs and blessings to you. I really do miss you!