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December 30, 2011

inspiring video found through blog hopping this morning...

I spent this morning trying to visit some blogs I have not been to in a while. Sheri Ann Ponzi has moved her blog onto her new website http://www.paintingherselfintobeing.com
It's a great site and her blog today was "Love Notes" where she wrote a love note to several different women that have inspired her along her journey. It really is a beautiful, heartfelt post.

From there I went to Traci Verdugo's site to see what new works of art she has been creating. Her post from Wednesday was 
She included this video by Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of "Eat, Pray, Love". 
At that point I stopped blog hopping to share this video with EVERYONE!
Here's "A new way to think about creativity"....

Have a Fabulous Friday!


Magic Love Crow said...

Hi Rasz!!! I love this video!! It meant a lot! I will keep showing up for my job ;o) I hope you do too ;o) My mom and I love Tom Waites! Happy New Year ;o)

Heather Henry said...

Robin, just what I needed to hear! I love it! I actually am working on a collage picture right now and it is about Fear and how it holds us back from being who we truly are. Mostly, this is my personal experience and it has such a hold over me at times. I am trying to let go of it and push it away from me. This video was very inspiring. So, Ole to us all, for trying, for continuing on despite our fears or whatever else.
Big hugs to you!! :) Blessings and Peace!

Diane said...

I'm going to watch this video now--I just wanted to wish you a very Happy New Year!

ArtMuseDog and Carol said...

Happy New Year to you ! Thanks for stopping by ~ hugs and namaste, Carol ^_^ (Share the Creative Journey)

Debby E said...

Hi Rasz!
I've thought of you several times during the holidays and just haven't had enough "gumption" (as my mom would say) to get in touch. I hope all is well with you. I recognized you when I was perusing the Flickr group for Total Alignment. I love love love the piece you did for invitation #1! No wonder Connie chose it to highlight on her blog!

I really enjoyed this Elizabeth Gilbert video. I savored every word she wrote in EAT PRAY LOVE and the funny thing is, I almost didn't read it because books that get that much hype usually disappoint me, but she has a way with shaping words into thoughts that I really admire. Thanks for sharing the link! Send me a message when you have time. I'd love to hear how you are doing.