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November 13, 2011

more reminders that it's okay...

I have not done any painting, collage or really any art...except for my Doodling Art Journal where I seem to be creating some more sketches reminding me that "It's Okay" to feel what I am feeling.

Maybe they will remind you that "It's Okay" also.

and I woke up this morning needing some fun flowers and dragonflies to get the day off to a happy start:
I really like the mix of ink, colored markers and colored pencils.

I'm heading off to collage and paint some book covers to recycle into purses.
I really need to feel paint, paper and gel medium all over my fingers.
If all goes well I will have some pictures to post tomorrow...and if not at least I will get to feel that ooey-gooey-yummy feeling on my hands!

Have a Splendid Sunday!


ArtMuseDog and Carol said...

Oooooooh Raz ~ so good to hear from you and your creating again ~ they really are awesome ~ keep going ~ Love your work ~ your style ~ thanks, namaste, Carol (Share the Creative Journey)

~Rasz~ said...

Oh Carol thank you! Its so good to be back! And you are such an inspiration to me...thank you!

Heather Henry said...

So happy to see your art and to know that you are getting some time to be creative. I've missed seeing what you are working on. These pictures are wonderful and full of feeling. I hope you're having a good week and I look forward to seeing your recycled purses, I don't think I've seen them yet. Big hugs!!

Sunshineshelle said...

I think it's great that you are creatively expressing your thoughts & feelings, I love the sentiment & the sweet faces, look forward to dropping by again & seeing what you are up to... purses? Now that sounds wonderful :)

Diane said...

Happy to see your creations and happy to see that you're creating

Magic Love Crow said...

I love the new art that you have created! You have put a lot feeling into your girls and into your flowers and dragonflies ;o) Can't wait to see the new art! Take Care and Big Hugs!

Li said...

Hope you are well? It really is OK to feel whatever you feel...glad you have a way to express yourself!
I think a dragonfly suncatcher would be cool - have you ever made one?

~Rasz~ said...

Thank you everyone for you wonderful comments. It does feel good to be creating something, anything even if it's just expressing feelings and emotions.

And Li...dragonfly suncatcher? I've never made a suncatcher but that sounds wonderful.