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October 07, 2011

happy crow dance...

Today I am doing my Happy Crow dance!
My Crow Fairy, "Fairy Blessings" by Stacy AKA MagicLoveCrow arrived.

Stacy had a HUGE giveaway last month to celebrate her birthday, her blogiversary and her Etsy store as well.
I was one of the lucky, lucky winners.
I had e-mailed Stacy to thank her and give her my mailing address thinking I had won one of her awesome ACEOs. She replied, ever so sweetly, that I had actually won a painting on wood! 
Here is Fairy Blessings:
Fairy Blessings original painting on wood approx 6"x7"x1/2"
I am SO touched by the wonderful energy of this painting. I emailed Stacy before posting and told her that I can feel the LOVE and HOPE that she poured into this painting. Just being close to my new Fairy Crow brings me a feeling of HOPE, it touches my heart. I have been carrying my Fairy Crow around with me as I cannot decide where to hang her up. 

Here's a few more pictures...

 AS if the painting was not enough, Stacy sent me one of her greeting cards with an envelope created with a print of her Dream Crow.

I'm going to be a little selfish and frame this one for myself!


Her Dream Crow ACEO!!!

 Stacy and I originally connected through our love of crows
and I have been following her ever since.
Stacy you are amazing. Thank you so much!
Visit Stacy's Blog HERE!
Visit Stacy's Etsy Shop HERE!

And have a Happy Crow Dance Friday everyone.


Magic Love Crow said...

Big Hugs My Friend ;o) The painting is where it was meant to be ;o) She looks great at your home! And, so does the card and aceo ;o) Have a wonderful day ;o) I hope the painting, brings you so much happiness in your life, always!!

Heather Henry said...

Happy Crow Day! That is an awesome and fun filled blessing. I am excited for you. Receiving such goodies in the mail, is always a true joy! I don't blame you, I would frame it and hang it up too. Hooray for you!
Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Big hugs!

Magic Love Crow said...

Rasz, I forgot to tell you, did you notice a heart on the top of the painting, in the middle? Well, that is where fairy baby crow has touched it with her wand, and that means, your wish will come true ;o)

Amanda Trought said...

Well done, The Painting is lovely, it is great getting things in the mail. Will take a look her blog. Blessings for the week. Amanda

Geckostone said...

Congrats Rasz!!!! Stacy's art is truely beautiful and yes she pours so much love and hope into each one! She has inspired so many of us with her wonderful crow paintings!!! We're all doing the "happy crow dance" with ya! Deb

rajns (carolyn) said...

Art that brings out such great feelings is what it's all about! Such beautiful work! I think the art has found its way to a loving home!

Sandra said...

God knows where his love is to land. Your home is a temple of art love created by beautiful artists with spirits of such huge joy it cannot be contained!! Stacey is amazing in how she shares her joy. How sweet life can be.

Sandra ;-)

ArtMuseDog and Carol said...

Love what you won and love your painting ~ where have you been ~ Hope you are okay ~ hugs and namaste, Carol (Share the Creative Journey)

Terri Morse said...

That painting makes me smile, Rasz. Thanks for "crowing" about it :) I hope you're enjoying having time with your son - sorry that you had to move your studio again :) Your space in the back room reminds me of a real artist's grotto. I'm glad you've got good lighting. That's actually the most important thing in the studio! Mine desperately needs a good cleaning out. You know it's time when you can't get to the table! I hope you're doing well. Hugs, Terri

Sandra said...

How much fun is coming your way through art mail! Congrats on the beautiful art win ;-)