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October 01, 2011

change is good & patience is a virtue...

I think I am fairly easy-going, adaptable and have a pretty good attitude.
There are only a couple areas where I really struggle:
Once I am faced with change and/or patience, my normal pattern is to move into resistance.
Being in resistance is where I have lived the past several days as change is happening and things are not getting done in "my time" or I am not receiving the "immediate gratification" I so love.

It seems these are my current lessons in life and although I am not totally comfortable with them right now, I do welcome both...it seems these lessons will persist until I get it right so I might as well welcome them in.

First, my youngest son moved back in. This is absolutely wonderful and it feels good to have him back home. However, just a short while ago I finally assumed he was not moving back in so I had converted his room to my art space. 
Time to move and reorganize my space AGAIN.
This makes it the third time creating a creative art space of my own in less than six months.
I could leave it all in the room but honestly I really want a place of my own, even if that means using the dining room table again.

The back room/porch area was still available. The weather is getting cooler so it would not be so hot and the lighting out there is absolutely wonderful. I just did not want it so cramped as before. 
This time I only put one little shelf out there with my easel, chair and an old ironing board frame for drying or bigger projects.
On the shelf I organized my paints, brushes and stenciling stuff for easy access.
 I like it! I really, really like it!
I realized when moving all my "stuff" once again that I had way too much crammed around my art space. That felt cluttered and now this feels so much more inviting and opened.
I took an old bookshelf from the back room and set it up next to my laundry area. It fit perfectly and I organized the rest of my supplies there using containers. This way I can pull a needed supply off the shelf and return it when I am done. Very organized and this will keep me from strewing all my supplies over my work space.
Okay, change CAN be good, I agree and am very glad to have had this experience.
(now I just have to fix the plastic roof in my art space before the rain comes)

Onto my lessons with PATIENCE!
First, I won the most awesome, wonderful, super-d-duper contest of all!
My lovely Crow Friend, Stacy, over at MagicLoveCrow had a one year anniversary, birthday celebration/give-away! You can read about it HERE and about who won HERE.
I won "Fairy Blessings"!!!! My favorite painting of hers!
So where does patience come in?
I have not been able to get over to my post office box all week!
I know my beautiful Fairy is sitting in my mail box waiting for me to come get her.
and I want to share it all with you NOW!!!
So I have to be patient until tomorrow when I can get over there.

Another lesson in patience is trying to finish my current projects.
First moving all my art stuff and organizing took a couple days. Then I had appointments, life, being extremely tired, arthritis flares from the changing weather, and then RESISTANCE! Yuck!

So here's what I have gotten done today in my new art space:

remember this:
Well it wasn't working for me so I am starting over with more paint and texture:
This one is feeling good, have patience and realize it does not have to be done in one attempt.
(Another BIG SIGH!)

I have started the paintings I promised to do for my oldest son's place.
There is a big empty wall that needs art. I think doing four canvases to hang there will work just fine:

I love using the old ironing board for a workspace/drying area.
This ironing board was headed for the trash since it would no longer stay up while ironing.
I used twist-ties to hold it up and it works perfectly for my needs!

Once again needing to be patient, let the layers dry properly, and realize this too does not need to be completed immediately. Patience does pay off and the results can be better than immediate gratification, or so I am told.

Are you learning patience or the good side of change?
How do you normally deal with these issues?
Are you struggling with creating an art space of your own?
(I might be able to help...I sure am getting lots of experience creating new spaces of my own)

I hope you are having a WONDERFUL WEEKEND!


Diane said...

Oh Rasz, I remember when you were debating whether to move your art space into your son's bedroom. So it just shows, that it doesn't matter where you create, just as long as you have a place to do it. I think art is what helps us cope with everyday life issues. I have a lot going on too, and I wish I could just "putter" around in my art room and just play, but in time I'll be able to.....so I'm being patient also :)

Magic Love Crow said...

Rasz, you are so cute! First of all, I think you are dealing with everything great! And, isn't it weird, how sometimes when you worry about things, it's works out perfect and sometimes even better than before ;o) Like your art space ;o) Ironing board, excellent idea! And, I can't wait to see the painting that you changed completed! I just finished 6 more aceo's, but there is no sun outside to take pictures! That's when I get impatient!!! LOL! I hope you go to the post office soon! Have a great day!

~Rasz~ said...

Yes Diane, and it just seems like it was only a couple posts ago! You are so right, what matters is that we create...glad you are being patient with yourself as well! Have a wonderful day.

Thanks for the encouragement my Crow Friend! My pictures today did not turn out too good, lighting issues and operator errors. I just posted them anyway, as I no longer had patience to wait, haha!!!! You have a great day too!

Heather Henry said...

Robin, I am loving your new space....AGAIN! haha. I am serious, you need your own how to....redo your art space blog or something, you've become quite the pro at it. Each time it looks amazing. It sounds like it is all coming together for you, though waiting and being patient and dealing with changes, can all be a struggle. You are doing it, gracefully.
Big hugs!