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September 08, 2011

thinking needs action...

Today is another one of those days...
I find myself just quiet and thinking...

There are times when just thinking can be great!
Planning something fun and creative.
Thinking of changes that need to take place.
Thinking of solutions to a situation.

The problem with thinking arises when no action is taken.
When I do this it can be harmful to my soul.
I stay stuck in thinking and start to doubt myself.
Those great thoughts and plans are interrupted by the wonderful inner critic inside me.

Then the cycle starts: 
Thinking too much about a problem...
Comparing myself to others...
Worrying about tomorrow...
What if I'm wrong...

Without action, just thinking is not productive.
Even when the thinking is about a project, or a positive change needed,
action is required.

That is where I think most of us get stuck.

I guess there are as many reasons not to take action as there are stars in the sky.
Fear..now that is probably the biggest one.
Self-Doubt...that would come in a close second on my list.
I actually have to DO SOMETHING?
the "If Onlys'"...now that list could go on forever.

On the other hand, there are very few reason not to take action.
The most important reason for me is that I will stay stuck and always wonder if my thought, plan, dream could have ever come to fruition.
I know...I have done this so many times before.

So what's up with the happy ClipArt at the top of this post?

Today is the SIX MONTH anniversary of this blog!!!!
I am so glad I finally took action and stopped just thinking of blogging.
These past six months have changed my life, my self-esteem and even quieted the inner critic a little.

I knew when I started this blog it had to be for me.
I knew no one may ever read it, and I had to be okay with that.
So I jumped in, really knowing nothing about the blogging world and not even following blogs when I started.

I feel PROUD of myself for getting out of my head and taking action.
I feel BLESSED beyond words for all the wonderful people I have met and continue to meet.
I feel AMAZED that anyone has even read this blog.


For all the support, encouragement, comments and friendship you ALL have given me as I took action, took the fearful leap of putting myself out there.

This anniversary reminds me that all of us, especially bloggers, expose ourselves, our creativity (and at times our inner self and our fears) to the entire world! 
We are brave souls indeed!
And if I can take action on starting a blog by just being me, I can face my fears and take action on my other thoughts as well!
Today I CELEBRATE taking action!


Magic Love Crow said...

Happy Anniversary! Yeh!!! You know Rasz, being afraid, I guess is apart of who we are. But, if we keep taking just one step out of the box, we will be happy for it! Believe you me, I know it's scary!!!! But we have to remember, we can do anything!!! ;o)))

ArtMuseDog and Carol said...

Happy Anniversay! Bravo! She did it! So proud of you and so glad you are my blogging art friend! You go girl! namaste, ~ Carol ^_^

Keena said...

Happy Anniversary!!!! I'm glad you took that step and created this blog....Glad to have met you!!

~Rasz~ said...

Thank you my Crow friend! Yes it is just baby steps every day and yes we CAN do anything! You're awesome!

Thank you Carol and big wet doggy kisses to Zoe too! I am so blessed to have you as my friend and inspiration!

Hi Keena and thank you! I am so glad to...without taking that big scary step I would never have met you! You are amazing!

Heather Henry said...

Hooray!!! Congrats on taking action and Happy Anniversary. That is so awesome. I hope you know, you're not alone in having all of those feelings, fears, self-doubts. I think so many of us go through that and everyday we have to talk ourselves into taking action. Putting ourselves out there, for no reason other than to know, we did it. I'm so glad you took action and did it. I'm truly blessed to have met you and having the opportunity to get to know you. It's really been an honor. So hooray, for all of us. We did it!!! :)
Blessings and hugs to you!

li said...

Happy Anniversary! It's been so very nice to get to know you and follow your creative journey.

I got really stuck this summer when I was laid up with the bad shoulder - even when it started to heal, I was so slothful and lazy from lying about that it was a struggle to get back to work. Fortunately, my physical therapist turned out to be a good friend as well - and she yelled at me and pushed me when I needed it. That doesn't work for many people, but for me - a good kick in the pants does wonders sometimes.

So you just let me know if you need one too! ;-)
(But I can give virtual hugs too!)

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary !! I think we are all very similar that way but like you,i have been rewarded in bucket loads since i began to blog, so many warm friendly people read and comment and the community of artists and crafters is a very special, warm place to be.
have a fantastic day my lovely friend
hugs June xxxxx

~Rasz~ said...

Hi Heather!!!! Yes Hooray to all of us! When I started I thought everyone blogging was so confident, so creative, so secure in themselves and what they were blogging about. Since then I do realize that no matter how talented, how much experience or even how much self confidence...we all face fears every day...and we DO IT ANYWAY!!!! Whooo Hoooo!!!!

Hi Li! Its been great getting to know you and getting to read all the wonderful stories you write. I'm like you...so when I need that kick I'll let you know (and I love hugs to). You're awesome!

Hi June! Thank you for visiting and I am so glad to meet you and get to visit your incredibly wonderfully inspiring blog!!!! Your artwork, background pages and giveaways are awesome! Big hugs to you!