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September 03, 2011

saturday's self-expression lessons...

Ever had one of those days were there seems to be a "theme"? 
Today was one of those days.
This morning I was going through my e-mails and there was a new post from Stephanie Gagos' blog Finding Your Voice Of Truth.
I found Stephanie through another blog called Beauty of Sorrow led by Sung-Hee (Regina) Hong.
Stephanie is also a member of Willowing & Friends, a Life Coach, a writer, a creative art journaler and on her own healing journey, just like most of us!
Both sites are dedicated to healing from trauma or dysfunction and both contain incredible stories of healing along with wonderful art.

Stephanie's post title was "The Scream Inside" and I had to read on.
Stephanie wrote about all of us having a scream inside that we need to get out.
It was interesting to me as I do not think I have ever "screamed" in my life. 
I tried it. It didn't work.

Right after that I got into a conversation with my best friend.
I had not told her about the post I had just read. 
We started talking about communication and how hard it is to express ourselves and how easily we can get intimidated when trying, especially with doctors, bosses or other people of authority.

I was still in my pajamas after our phone call.
Instead of getting dressed I decided to watch my next Invitation for Total Alignment.
Invitation 4 was about Total Self Expression!
I thought "you gotta be kidding me, really?".
3rd time in one day with this theme...I think I need to learn something here.

I found myself crying as Connie explained that we all have something important to share
through our stories, our Self Expression.
To paint with Total Self Expression is to SING!
(that's all I am saying...you really might want to check out Total Alignment)

Oh and another part of Total Alignment and FEARLESS (tm) Painting is to paint like a five-year old!

Well, my five-year old self wanted to scribble flowers with the my previously melted water soluble
oil pastel crayons...then add acrylic paint...more crayons...more water...
It started looking REALLY UGLY!

I began an argument with the process.
I thought to myself:
 Can you really mix oil pastels and acrylics without drying in between?
There is NO WAY I can post this painting, even though it's not about the art?
Really, change the colors up again? And add watercolor paint too? Can I do this?

Then I thought about the Intention of the process.

It's not about the art!
It's about allowing my inner Self-Expression to flow out.

I changed the Pandora station to something I could really SING to.

And that's what I did.

There I was, still in my pajamas in the middle of the afternoon, painting and singing to some of my favorite classic rock. Remembering fun times, remembering love and heartache, dreaming, feeling life and the flow!

I was so into the process that I didn't even realize I had been standing the whole time with my back to the large open window that faces the busy street...in my Spongebob Squarepants jammy bottoms!
Moving and singing and painting away!

Hopefully that sight put a little laughter into someone's day.
It sure made me laugh when I realized it.

So I just let it go.
I allowed the creativity inside to flow out.
I allowed myself True Total Self Expression.
I turned the music up and the inner critic off!

And when I was finished, this is what I saw:

Once again I am totally amazed at the process and what comes out when I just let go and allow the Creative Force inside me to flow!

 My SHOUT-OUT today goes out to YOU & YOUR Self-Expression!
The beautiful Self-Expression within you!
May it shine and light the path for others.

Have a Sensational Sunday!


ArtMuseDog and Carol said...

Wonderful ~ can see you Letting Go! Wow! I like the one just before the faces ~ love the colors in all of them! namaste, CArol ^_^

Denise Riches said...

Hi fellow Total Alignment practitioner...finally getting around to checking out your blog after you visited mine. Thank you by the way and loved your post. You expressed yourself beautifully!! I've missed finishing up Connie's workshops and when the kids start school next week, I'm jumping back in! Now I'm off to check out more of your blog. Take care and enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Ellie said...

Love it! The colors are amazing. Loving how you just let it go and it all came together for you in this beautiful piece.

NatashaMay said...

The Universe was certainly telling you to scream out loud. :) And you did! :) Great expressions!

Ayala Art said...

The colors you used are delicious! Beautiful mix

Arlee Bird said...

I've been thinking about this topic over the weekend. We keep so much inside that I'm quite sure it's unhealthy. I find myself letting go with my writing, but it's still never quite enough. I want my words to scream.

Your painting is very expressive. I like the colors in this post.

Tossing It Out

~Rasz~ said...

Thank you Carol and I really am learning to let go and see what comes of it!

Hi Denise and thank you for stopping by. You have a great blog too! I just finished Invitation 5 and am ready to start all over again!

Hi Ellie! Thank you so much. Hope all is well with you.

Hi Natasha May! I think you are right! Thank you for that insight and compliment. You are so sweet.

Hi Ayala Art...thank you so much!

And hello Lee!!!I agree with you. It is unhealthy to keep it all in. Thanks for the wonderful comment, now you got me thinking....