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September 02, 2011

painting without a plan, and not about the art...

I am continuing Total Alignment with Connie Hozvicka and I think the biggest challenge for me in this workshop is the BIG blank page WITHOUT A PLAN!
As I started the Invitation 3 of the workshop I thought I was all ready!
This invitation was Energize, which included painting to my favorite music! 
I watched Connie's video and thought this would be the easiest of all of them.
I can do this!

So within minutes I was painting a really cool yellow background.
Okay...go with it.
In what seem like only a couple more minutes the painting was done.
And I did not like it at all!
Yuck! REALLY? Where did this come from?
 But that's okay, 
this is NOT about the art I kept reminding myself.

Doing this painting really felt more like a warm-up.
I wanted to keep going...I moved my easel as the light was changing and it was now late afternoon.
Oh-no! Another big, blank page...I can do this, breathe!
Remember the intention. It's not about the art!

And I really got into this one. 
I found myself playing with my new #8 round long handled brush,
experimenting with all the different brushstrokes this lovely brush could create.
I added lots of water to the acrylic paint and moved it around the paper.
I dripped color, water, all the time just listening to music and the paper.
It was not about the art at all.
It was about enjoying the process, letting go, painting freely..
or FEARLESS Painting (tm) as Connie says!

I actually had to stop because I ran out of time and it really needed to dry.
The paper was soaked in water and paint.

Do I like it? NOPE, not at all.

But it felt GOOD, REALLY GOOD creating it.
For the first time ever I felt as if the paintbrush was an extension of me.
I was mesmerized as I watched the interactive dance of paint and water to the music.
It was purely enchanting.
Thank you Connie for offering this workshop for free!

Today's SHOUT-OUT!
Sheri Ann Ponzi of Painting Herself Into Being has been doing a series on her incredible 6 hour experience of painting with Donna Estabrooks. 
The first post of the series starts HERE and was on August 29th.
Today was Part 5.
I have loved reading these posts as it always intrigues me when artists discover themselves in new painting experiences.
I also love the paintings she created in Donna's studio and her detailed explanation of each one is priceless!
Thanks Sheri for sharing your experience and inspiring others.

Have a Fabulous Friday!


Painting Herself Into Being said...

Thanks for the SHOUT OUT! So thrilled to have found your blog. I *love* what you're working with in Connie's class. We all need to get together and have a great big painting party!!!


Arlee Bird said...

I don't paint so maybe I don't know too much about art, but I know what I like. I like both of your paintings--they look pretty good to me. They are vibrant and bright.

Tossing It Out

Magic Love Crow said...

You really didn't like your paintings??? I thought they were so well done! Bright and fun for the first one and the second one, was like flowers in Autumn. I really enjoyed both of them ;o)

~Rasz~ said...

Hi Sheri! Painting party? Count me in!!! Let's get messy!

Hi Lee! Thank you SO much! You can be my official art critic/cheerleader! I know you can juggle compliments and pom-poms all at once, right? You're awesome and thanks again, your comment was like a great big hug.

And my Lovely Crow Friend, thank you so much. I may not be liking what I am creating but I am loving the process! Maybe as artists we do not have to like everything, because maybe what we create is for someone else anyway. I am so glad to have you in my corner for encouragement and inspiration. Thank you.

Heather Henry said...

Hi Robin,
I personally think these paintings are great. Especially the second one. It reminds me of wish weeds in a colorful field. I don't know why you don't like them, but I can definitely understand that feeling. I feel that way sometimes after I've done some art work. But the important thing is...you're doing it, getting it out there and sharing yourself. That is awesome! Love it!

Sandra said...

Another great SHOUT-OUT - thanks for the FYI, I went over to the blog and loved the large scale art being done there. You ladies are so brave, my largest art adventure has only been 11x17. Rasz, your FEARLESS paintings are so admirable keep up the process it provides inspiration to small scale art makers like myself.

I Love my ATC - it came in the mail yesterday!!

Sunshineshelle said...

Love those big blank pages... you may not be tickled with the result but I felt a real joy looking at the pieces & dare I say even 'extra' loved result number two... do you think you are judging them harsher because you did them (?) I think they are magic, well done :)

~Rasz~ said...

Hi Heather-it's taken lots of courage for me to paint big and then share whatever I have done, instead of just painting lots of paintings until I find one I "like" to post. I think that has been the hardest and best experience of all. And to have wonderful friends encourage me on is priceless!

Hi Sandra-oh you gotta try painting BIG-without a plan...it's definitely an awesome, unique experience. Glad you liked the link. Sherri's series really resonated with me as I felt we were kind of doing the same thing.

Hi Shelle! Thank you SO much for your comment. It really made me think about how I am judging myself. Or maybe feeling the way I felt because it was not suppose to be about the art? I think not having a plan and allowing whatever come into being is so foreign to me and these are definitely not something I would have planned out. Thank you Shelle for giving me a new perspective.