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September 27, 2011

my first painting on canvas...

This is my very first painting on a real canvas. 
I am making this one for a very sweet girl who just got her own apartment.
The painting is in watercolor and acrylic...so far.
I still have a ways to go. More layers for sure.
I had to stop for a bit as my youngest son moved back in. I have been busy getting everything reorganized, including my art space.

Tomorrow is dedicated to painting & playing...I can't wait to get back to this one and see where it goes.
In between cleaning & reorganizing I have gesso'd 4 canvases for my oldest son's house and have three hardback book covers prep'd to make book purses out of them.
I'm tired.

Yesterday I got to see Mama Doe and the twins. 
I had to grab the camera and get a couple pictures in.
the twins
The babies are so big and almost ready to head out on their own. I hope they will come back and visit.
the twins and Mama (actually only the top of Mamas head on the far right) running off
Hope everyone is having a good week so far!


Diane said...

Oh look at this painting!! I can't wait to see the rest!
Love seeing families in nature--thanks for sharing these pics.

Magic Love Crow said...

You have been very busy! I love the painting! I am sure it will be a treasured gift! Can't wait to see everything else you were mentioning! Love the deer pictures!! Have a great day!

ArtMuseDog and Carol said...

Love the painting and the photos! Wonderful! ~ Rest ~ 'rests are in music for a reason' ~ I finally got to do so today ~ Ahhhhhhhhhh

Heather Henry said...

Robin, this painting is looking great so far. I am excited to see where you go with it. I know it will be beautiful. What a great house warming gift. You are so sweet.
Those deer are so darn cute. What fun to have them come visit you. Hopefully they'll continue to do so.
Hope you've had a wonderful day with lots of painting and creating.
Big hugs.

Arlee Bird said...

I'm sure the recipient of your painting will display it proudly. A gift like that is one of the best a person could get.

Tossing It Out

~Rasz~ said...

Thank you Diane!!! Nature is the most inspiring creation ever! I love the deer.

Thank you Stacy! You have a wonderful day as well!!!

Hi Carol and Zoe! What a wonderful reminder of how important "rests" are. I usually feel guilty if I rest too much. Now I can use your words for a reminder, thank you!

Thanks Heather. I'm excited to see where it ends up also :) Today one of the babies was in the back yard alone. Did not see Mama or the other sibling, although they could have been in the brush. Every day they visit is such a blessing.

Hi Lee! You are so sweet! Thank you for stopping by and making me feel good!

The Rich Ant said...

The painting is looking good so far. I just know she will love it. I look forward to seeing the finished piece. I didn't know it was your first canvas painting. Enjoy!