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September 07, 2011

my final total alignment invitation...


I finished my last Total Alignment Invitation.
This was probably the most freeing, most creative, most exciting workshop I have ever taken:
no techniques,
no type of art to create,
actually not about the art at all!

This workshop was all about unleashing the Creative Force within.

I learned:
How to open my Heart Center 
(this area can be full of junky-junk from life)

 I learned:
to find Balance within.

I learned:
how to get Energized!

I learned:
how to let go and allow my
Total Self Expression
to flow... 

I learned to get Grounded,
connected, be in the moment.

I learned a BIG BLANK page was not scary, it was an Invitation to create!
AND...what I learned from this workshop is that I have a Creative Force inside me yearning to be an artist, yearning to express itself, yearning to connect with the flow, and yearning to tell my story...
and sometimes my critical mind, fear and "junky-junk (as Connie calls it) just gets in the way.

I can (and will) return to these lessons whenever I feel my heart needs to open up, or I'm a little off balance, or maybe needing some energizing, or having difficulty expressing myself or to remind myself to get grounded when I feel disconnected.

I cannot thank Connie enough for generously offering this free workshop and for all the incredible work she does in helping people connect with their own Creative Force within!
I will be forever grateful for this experience.

Time for me to go off and create...

Have a Wonderful Wednesday everyone.


Magic Love Crow said...

You did beautiful creations on all your paintings! I love the last one! Always feel free when you create and then the true you, will always shine through ;o)

The Rich Ant said...

Your workshop proved to be very productive! Everything turned out beautiful my favorite is the tree as I am partial to trees. For my reasons. But yes keep creating and continue to welcome that blank canvas! Peace and Blessings

~Rasz~ said...

Thank you Stacy...what you wrote is how I want to live and create! Thank you.

Hi Ant!!! So happy you stopped by. Thank you. And thank you for the sweet comment as well. I am actually getting excited for those blank pages too.

Domestic Empress by Design said...

Your work is amazing. I bow the knee to a true artist. Congrats on your work and thank you for sharing it with us! LOVELY!

Heather Henry said...

Oh my goodness. All of these look amazing, but you know me...I love trees and that tree is absolutely gorgeous. I hope you frame it and hang it up in your house. It is so completely you, blossoming for the world to see. Standing tall and strong, yet learning to go with the flow and enjoy the moment you're in. So beautiful. I'm so happy for you. :)
Big, big hugs.

Anonymous said...

Your work is stunning. Beautiful and inspiring creations
hugs June x

~Rasz~ said...

Hello Domestic Empress! Thank you for the sweet comment and stopping by. What a lovely brand new blog you have also. I am so excited to watch you grow into your dream.

Hi Heather-This was my second tree, and I thought of you again as I was painting it. I think trees will always bring you and a smile to my soul. Your trees were my inspiration. Thank you for being you!!!

Hi June! Thank you so much! The process I learned from Total Alignment really has opened me up to creating "out of the box". I'm loving it.

Stephanie said...

Rasz, I love the tree. I have been wanting to draw and paint a tree lately so I am very attracted to them right now. And yours is beautiful.