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September 19, 2011

hollyhocks and other flowers...

I took Charlene out for a walk this morning. It was already getting hot and the forecast is mid to upper 90s all week. As much as I love the hot summer sun, I welcome Autumn and the cooler temperatures. As Charlene and I rounded the last turn of our walk, I saw some beautiful hollyhocks growing along the edge of the path and a wood fence. I whipped out my trusty cell phone/camera and got a couple of pictures to share with you today!

The last color of Summer emerging...or maybe the first color of Autumn?

The hollyhocks were just another reminder of how the theme of flowers has been with me this entire season. 
Here are few pictures of what I have been drawing in the past couple days. 
I've been painting also however I forgot to go shopping and get some batteries for my camera.
 I will have to post the pictures of my newest painting adventures tomorrow. 
My cell phone camera just does not do a good job on painting or inside pictures.
journal page
I worked on a couple journal pages...just doodling and drawing lines that are ready to be filled with random thoughts.

dragonflies playing
flying free

I drew dragonflies and flowers, something that feels so good to my soul.

Today I am focusing on painting and starting a couple new book purses...
Oh and getting some more batteries for the camera so I can share!

Today's SHOUT-OUT!
Today's Shout-Out goes to a new eMag, Collage in Color. I saw this eMag advertised and it looked intriguing with video tutorials and interviews from  several of the contributing artists and the ability to zoom in and really look at the details of a project. Plus you can go back to the videos as often as you want.
It took me a bit to download and figure out all the interactive tools of the eMag; probably because I do not follow instructions, actually to be honest I do not read instructions (I prefer to just jump in), so I know that if I can figure it out pretty quickly it really is not hard at all.
I have to say that I really, really liked it! There is even an interactive color wheel!
If you are interested in getting some more information or purchasing click HERE!



Magic Love Crow said...

Hello my friend ;o) Love the pictures of the flowers! And, I love your drawings! The dragonflies and flowers are so beautiful! Just to let you know, you won something on my blog ;o) You can e-mail through my Etsy shop with your address, or this is my e-mail, stacy8@rogers.com
Take Care ;o) Happy Monday!

ArtMuseDog and Carol said...

Your photos are absolutely beautiful! and so are your paintings ~ Awesome! ~ namste, carol and artmuse Dog ^_^

Sandra said...

Boy are you in my head LOL?
I love the Interweave Collage eMag I purchased a download copy last week. I love it for all the reasons you gave!! I also am loving your doodles and sketches. Especially the black and white doodle of leaves. I am getting into doing art quilts now and when I saw that drawing I immediately thought it would make a cool quilt design.

Have a fantastic Tuesday!!

Oh, and its cold in PA now. Today high was 66 low 47...brrr. I miss the warm summer days;-(

Diane said...

Beautiful photos, excellent art and great link--Thank you for sharing all!!

Heather Henry said...

Hi Robin, those are some very pretty flowers. I love wandering through the neighborhood and looking at all of the gorgeous flowers people have in their yards. And wow, I really love your journal page, the leaves are fantastic. And the flowers and dragonflies, I love the bright colors you used and the spirit of joy that leaps off the page. They are really awesome. I'm glad you're getting time to paint and doodle. Btw, I emailed you back, I didn't know if you got it. Hope you have a wonderful Fall like day. :) Peace!

~Rasz~ said...

Hello my Crow Friend! I won? Really? Oh my gosh! I got Fairy Blessings! Whoo Hooo!!! Happy Crow Hop dance!!!!

Hi Carol and Zoe! Thank you so much for your beautiful words. You always make me feel so good inside.

Hi Sandra! Well of course we both got the eMag, and without emailing each other about it, too funny! Please use that design on a quilt if you want. I would love to see it. My quilting consists of kinda-sorta straight lines only :)

Hi Diane! Thank you so much for your beautiful words. Now I feel like I have gotten a great big hug from you :)

Hi Heather! I guess I lost the email along with the entire week that flew by! Thank you for your sweet words. I am so glad to be creating again too!!!