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September 23, 2011

doodle art + upcycled frame = b-day present...

I missed my best friend's birthday! I know...how could I miss it?
I could say I was so busy, not feeling well or come up with other excuses.
The honest truth is I FORGOT!
Not that it matters to her. She is one of those wonderful people that accepts others just as they are.
She practices unconditional love and friendship.
She doesn't judge and knows she is not perfect either.
She'll gently call me on my stuff and appreciates the same.
I am so blessed to have her in my life.

We live over an hour away from each other so we do not get together often but we talk on the phone at least once a day if not more.
So she is coming up today and I wanted to have something special for her.

She likes my doodles and dragonflies so I thought it would be nice to frame one for her.
I went to our local awesome art and matting store and got the perfect mat:
(The mat is actually a dark maroon with black trim on the inside opening)

I found a funky old 11"x14" frame in my recycle stash:
This poor frame really needed help:

Idea...spray paint!!! I was out of black so that meant a trip to the store...and I could finally get batteries for my camera too! 

Our local K-Mart is getting rid of all their spray paints and selling them at a great price.
I love texture so when I saw a black textured shimmer paint I was sold...and at $2, what a deal!

I sprayed the frame and then sprayed it with another coat of sealer.

The shimmery texture looked great on the frame and brought out the black trim of the mat and the drawing.

I hope she likes it. This was a fun, easy project. I am thinking of doing more for the local Holiday craft shows.

Now that I finally got batteries for my camera, I can post everything I have been working on throughout next couple days!

Today's SHOUT-OUT!

Today's Shout-Out and big hugs go to Deborah at Domestic Empress By Design. Deborah just started blogging this month and her blog is elegant, colorful and chock full of ideas, crafty tutorials and even a delicious recipe for Southern Chicken & Dumplings with the secret to great stock!!! It's hard to believe this Brave Girl has just jumped into the blogging world. Her blog and her style are incredibly professional and fun.
This is one girl whose creative light is shining bright.
So let's welcome Deborah into our wonderful, creative, sharing, encouraging community!

Have a Fabulous Friday!


Domestic Empress by Design said...

I love your "doodle art" so much. I aspire to such good freehand ability! Keep on doing what you love! It's so evident. =) THANK you for the shout out. I'm hoping to eventually get some business from the blog! You rock, Rasz!

NatashaMay said...

What a wonderful gift! You really made the painting pop with that dark matting and frame. :)

Magic Love Crow said...

I love what you made for your friend! It turned out so beautiful! That frame looks amazing with your dragonflies ;o) And, Deborah's blog is beautiful!

Heather Henry said...

Robin, you are so incredibly sweet and your "doodles" show your loving, kind and cheeryness. I am certain your friend is going to absolutely love this, not only because it is beautiful, but because it comes from you. The frame looks wonderful and so does the matting, good choice on the dark maroon, it is a nice compliment of color to your picture.
I will check out your Shout Out blog too. Always fun to meet new bloggers.
Have a wonderful day! Hugs to you!

Keena said...

I'm sure your friend will enjoy your gift. It's beautiful.

~Rasz~ said...

Hello Domestic Empress and thank you for stopping by ~ I agree with you that if we keep doing what we love it does become evident in our creations! And your amazing creativity certainly resonates your loves! You rock too!!!!

Hi Natasha Mae! Thank you so much for your kind words. This was my first attempt at really trying to frame my work in a way that would look good!

Hi my Crow Friend! Thank you so much and yes Deborah's blog is awesome!

Hi Heather! Thank you and she loved it. Hope your week has gone well and big hugs right back at 'cha!

~Rasz~ said...

Hi Keena! Thank you and she really did like it! This was a good lesson in learning to really share my work.