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August 24, 2011

what would you be if...

I have questions today.
What would you be if you could be the person you dreamed of being?
Have you become that person already?
Is there a dream you have that you have not taken action towards?
Do you know your purpose or are you on a path of finding it?

These questions came up for me over the past several days.
I took some time off to do nothing but rest.
no phone, no computer, no television or radio.

and I thought,
and I listened,
and I decided to take action,
because I am worth it,
my dream is worth it!

I don't know how IT will happen,
I don't know when either,
but I know if I do not take any action,
IT will never happen.

Do you have a story of a dream of yours coming true?
Are you working on an action plan to become who you dream of being?
Have you ever been afraid to try?
Has your creativity sparked a new direction in your life?

I believe sharing our stories helps everyone.
What do you think?

Hope you are having a WONDERFUL Wednesday!


tina said...

Great questions----- I ask myself all the time. But then I get busy or scared or just ignore it all. Lately I understand that I have to be the one who casts the dream and calls the life. So I am. News at 11. ;)
Will anxiously await your similar flashes of brilliance. Take care and to get 'em!

Magic Love Crow said...

I agree with Tina, great questions! I have put forth actions, slowly but surely. I have to admit though, the one thing, I have to work through, is being scared. I don't know if it's being scared of the unknown, scared of what people will think of me? But, I know it's being scared! I have a painting in my room that says, "Don't be Scared, Be You!" I know I will conquer this! And, good for you too! Go for everything! Life is too short!!!

Heather Henry said...

Awesome post! I love these types of questions. They always get me to thinking about who I truly desire to be. I believe I am on the path to becoming who I want to be, but I always pray too, that I will be who God created me to be. Mostly, I desire to inspire others and be gentle, kind, compassionate and giving. Some days I achieve this, other days, not so much.
I am a big believer in writing down my goals or making passion posters. I think once you put your dreams and desires out there, they come back to you. It's good to place them where you can see them and be reminded of them. It's been proven that you are far more likely to achieve them, once you've written them down. I'm excited to hear of your dreams and see you accomplish them. Hugs and blessings to you!

~Rasz~ said...

I agree with you Tina as I often find ways to get really busy to not take any action on my dreams because honestly I am so afraid. It sounds silly when I type that but I know it is the anchor holding me back. Thanks for sharing as I know I am not alone. Well now I am going to wait anxiously to hear your dream too!

I guess fear hits you also my Crow Friend! I LOVE the words you have in your painting. And yes you WILL conquer the fear...I think the fear for me is being hurt, or it could be because I feel I am not good enough? The fear is real and the fear is imagined, regardless it is there it seems for all of us. Maybe we need to band together and "fight the fear" as one?

You are so right about prayer Heather. Prayer is so essential for me also. There are times when I think I know what I want, only to find that was not His Plan. I definitely want to find what God's purpose for me is. You definitely inspire others! You are amazing with words and with your art. I have always felt so safe sharing with you and I feel so grateful that while taking my beginning blogging steps, you were there! What a great idea to write your dream down and place it where it can be read daily! I have done that with affirmations just never thought to do it with my dream! Thank you my friend!

li said...

I think it is a wondrously healthy thing to take a day or two once in a while just to think, to dream, and to reacquaint ourselves with - ourselves. It's easy to drown in this hyperactive society, to become deafened by the constant assault on all of our senses.

I've met a few goals, fulfilled a few dreams. There are more. There will always be more. Because when you don't have those things - well, life becomes pretty empty.

I'm glad that you are thinking, taking time for yourself, exploring, and setting out on a new path. I wish you well!

~Rasz~ said...

Wow Li! You have such great insight, and such a wonderful way with words to express it. Your comment really made me smile. Thank you!

Keena said...

Good questions. Now, you got me thinking.

Sandra said...

OMG! I just read this post and the comments that go with it and all I can say is boy are we on a similar wavelength or what? YOU ARE NOT ALONE, my dear artist friend. If you ever question yourself just re-read my Day 12: Play post and know someone is giving you cyber hugs.

It is a bit crazy how our thoughts and feelings are so interconnected. You make great company;-)

I should of read this days ago.