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August 31, 2011

visiting friends...

I have not been out blog hopping, visiting my wonderful blogging friends for a while so I took a little time this morning to see a few. 
I have to share one of my finds today that was really a surprise.
Gregg over at Gospel Driven Disciples has a new look to his blog and posted this super yummy looking recipe for Braised Hawaiian Pork over Rice.
Normally I learn something new and interesting from Gregg every time I visit, although it is usually related to religion. Once again I have learned something new, a recipe! Thank you Gregg!!!

Connie over at Dirty Footprints Studio posted a great reminder on The Currency of Kindness.

My dear sweet friend Heather at Little Red Henry has posted some of her fabulous artwork to go along with the poem Something Wicked This Way Comes. She's got me all excited for Autumn now.

And my new, wonderfully creative friend Sandra at Alchemy-Art Memories got me thinking about "PLAY" with her Playmakers post from Monday and links to the Life Is Good Playmakers blog and to Stacy Julian's blog Playful,Productive.Present who did a wonderful post about Why Play? on August 26th.
Reading Stacy's Why Play post is really worth it! This is the first time I ever visited her blog and was so glad I did! And I consider blog-hopping around play too!
The Life is Good Playmakers have a wonderful YouTube video about the importance of play:

The links to the posts may be several days old, but great nonetheless. 
As you can tell I am a little behind in visiting and will try to catch up and say hi to everyone in the next few days..
This beautiful morning out having coffee at my friend's blogs has been wonderful!

What will you do for PLAY today?


Keena said...

Today I "played" at the bowling alley. I have been doing some blog hopping too.. Its neat to meet "new" friends

Diane said...

Thanks for all of the links and thank you for recognizing these wonderful bloggers!

Magic Love Crow said...

Hey My Friend, thanks for all the links ;o) Play?? I watched the squirrels play today, that was fun ;o)

~Rasz~ said...

Hi Keena! Wow, I have not bowled in years. Now that is some fun play!. I agree it is so nice to meet new friends too.

Hi Diane! Well thank you for saying that. I am so glad you enjoy the links. There are so many wonderful, creative, exciting bloggers out here (including you) and I love sharing the love.

Hi My Crow Friend! Glad you liked the links too. Watching squirrels can be lots of fun. I watch them here jump from rooftops to little tiny tree limbs, without wings. How do they do that?

Wishing all of you a blessed, fun-filled Holiday weekend!