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August 15, 2011

opening my heart center...

this is what came out of me through the first lesson of Total Alignment
I was out visiting some of the wonderful blogs I follow and stopped by Natasha May Art World
Natasha May is a super cute, artsy girl from Slovenia.
She had posted about these videos she was watching and what she created
so I just had to follow the link.

The videos are Connie Hozvicka's  TOTALLY FREE & AWESOME online Workshop
she calls Total Alignment.

Connie is also the creator of FEARLESS (tm) Painting.

I do not want to tell you much about the workshop, 
Connie explains everything much better.
What I will say is that this workshop is NOT about the art!
It is NOT about planning what to create!
There is no lesson on how to draw, or shade.
This workshop is about unblocking & opening up to the Creative Force within.
It's about letting the painting talk to you.
It's amazing!
Connie is amazing!

Check out Total Alignment HERE.

Hope your week is starting off GREAT!


Connie said...

THis painting just totally rocks Robin!!

Thank you for your very kind words as well.

Sending you buckets of LOVE!

Diane said...

Oh wow--I've watched Connie's videos, and I love how she stresses not to worry about the actual outcome of the painting, but this is awesome what you did hear--you were happy and it came out in your art!

~Rasz~ said...

Connie YOU Rock!!!! This is an absolutely amazing process and I LOVE IT!!!!!!

Hi Diane, at first it was a little difficult not thinking about the outcome, and actually every time I thought I was done, I had to do more. By the end of the painting I was most certainly a very happy girl! In my original thought, before putting paint down, I was going to do a painting in turquoise and pink and somehow have a girl's face with a big heart showing through her chest....nice thought, creativity had a different plan and I am so glad! Tomorrow I will post on the Invitation #2.

Magic Love Crow said...

I totally love this painting! I really do!! You know, I was told along time ago, when I started painting, to paint what comes from within you. What makes you happy. Just go for it and that's what I do.

~Rasz~ said...

Thank you my Crow friend! I am enjoying this. The one thing Connie stresses is to create and let go! And it does make me very happy. If that is how you create your amazing artworks, then I KNOW it must work!!!!

Magic Love Crow said...

Hugs Rasz ;o) That's really sweet of you!

Sandra said...

Your painting is so free and full of motion I want to just twirl as I view it. Great job! Thanks for sharing - I'm heading over to check out the videos.

~Rasz~ said...

Hi Sandra! Let me know what you think about the videos!

Margo said...

Very Awesome Piece!!! So glad you stopped by my place!

Sandra said...

I LOVE HER! I am a follower of hers on Flickr. I plan to follow along with the Total Alignment Videos. I'll be blogging about it and of course sharing with you.

Thanks so much for blogging about it!