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August 28, 2011

got a picture of the twins...

Mama Deer and BOTH the twins together for a moment,
The babies still have spots! They are getting so big!
Within moments the little rambunctious one runs off leaving mom and sibling behind.
I think this little independent one must be a handful to keep track of.
Reminds me of when my boys were young.

I took these pictures really, really fast through my dirty back porch window.
The sun was shining directly on the window too and made for some not-to-good photos.
I was just so excited to get a couple pics of them all together.
Soon the babies will be on their own.

And speaking of taking photos:

Today's Shout-Out!
Today's Shout-Out goes out to Tracy Verdugo 
and her blog called Heartful Musings
Tracy is an incredible artist and teacher.
She did a post about taking pictures of your artwork. She even shows different effects of editing a photo.
 If you are like me and feel that your art or prints are not being presented well in pictures, Tracy has some great tips for you.
(I probably should have used these tips with the deer photos)
You can read her post "Taking pics of your art...simplified :)" HERE.
Or you may want to just go out and visit her blog HERE.

This is the most exciting, awesome, creativity-opening thing I have ever done!
More updates and pictures to come.

Have a Splendid Sunday my friends!


Magic Love Crow said...

Oh, I love the pictures!! Thanks for putting a big smile on my face ;o)Oh, and great shout out today!

Heather Henry said...

Beautiful day to you, my friend. What lovely creatures. They are so, so sweet.
How are things? I hope you're getting time to paint, draw, create. I always look forward to seeing your creations! Blessings to you! :)

Sandra said...

Thanks for sharing your week's artist shout-out, loved the video!