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August 01, 2011

creating art space flooring...

I REALLY need some floor protection under my art table.
I did not want to buy anything...that's just TOO easy and not too creative.
Plus I like to recycle/upcycle/reuse.
There has to be something somewhere I could use instead.
Hey, how about the boxes from that clearance patio set we got a while back!
I think Charlene would rather eat it. She devours anything paper!

I figured someone out in cyber world has already made a cardboard floor covering so I Googled it and only found Wendy Plomp's amazingly artistic carboard rugs. To see her beautiful creations go HERE.
Wendy's were intricate and inspiring however I was looking for instructions, something easy.
While I was Googling Charlene did attempt to chew up the cardboard. 
She just LOVES paper!
And I am making a floor covering out of it?
This will be interesting...

As I looked at the pieces of cardboard wondering what to do, I thought I would just start and not think.
This looked like a good layout with extra protection all the way around.
I drew out where the table would be and also lines to keep the two pieces lined up once I start doing something with it.
Since I am stuck on flowers and they make me happy,
simple, easy flowers were my choice.
The flowers needed some color so I tried out my brand new melted crayons.
I have never used paint crayons and had no idea how they would work.
Started looking good, Uh-oh coffee cup is empty!
Coffee break.
Needs some background color.
That's better.
Once I did the background, I needed to re-do the black outline.

After experiencing that the paint will smear and get onto shoes and paws to be tracked around,
I sprayed them with a clear gloss sealant.

I liked the effect the sealant created on the raw cardboard once it was dried.
Note for next time: erase pencil lines before sealing.
Charlene's checking out the finished large piece.
I know she just wants to take another bite out of it.
I used clear packing tape around the edges to keep them intact.
I taped the center seam of the big piece down on the front and back and also taped the small piece in place on all three sides.
Time to move the table in!!!!!
Pretty cool huh?

This was a fun, easy project. The only thing I had to purchase was the sealant at Home Depot for $4.06.
AND the sealant already has UV protection and should work on mixed media projects too!
If it works well I will share the results. It's so nice to find inexpensive products.

I learned so much on how to do this and what not to do! 
I learned HOW my water soluble paint crayons work. I like them. The color held up even on corrugated cardboard.
I made lots of mistakes but that is part of learning, right? 
I am happy with the finished project and I think it will do the job that it was intended to do, protecting the floor!

And the BEST part:
Reuse, Recycle, Reduce!!!!!
(with creativity of course)

Today's SHOUT-OUT:

One day while following links from one blog to another, I came across MagicLoveCrow
The author of this blog truly speaks to the things I hold close:
My love for crows.
My love for art.
My love for Mother Nature.
She is currently blogging about her three day adventure at a gem show, the meanings of different stones,
along with more crow art!
She has also won the ACEO "Peoples Choice Award" several times (I think) from the ACEO Blog Challenge.
It's a great blog to visit and follow.

Hope your week is starting off GREAT!!!!


Sandra said...

Oh, it's looking great! How creative, can't wait to see the finished project with table in place.

rachel awes said...

oh my goodness!
i LOVE this!!
& what a luscious
garden foundation
for all you create!

li said...

That looks amazing!!! When I saw that blue you used, I immediately thought "wow, paint some tropical fish on there and it would be like those glass-bottom boats. I would feel like my office was quietly floating in the Caribbean. A little music, a fan, a whiff of coconut...."
Wish I could do it!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

And now you have floor art!

Magic Love Crow said...

Hey My Friend ;o) Thanks for the shout out ;o) That was truly sweet of you ;o) Glad you are enjoying my blog! And,speaking of enjoying, I love the floor! So cool!!! I have my mind thinking! I wonder if it would work under a chair with wheels? I really love this! A+++ I'm even thinking of wall art too!

~Rasz~ said...

Hi Sandra! I'm excited to finish too...except my mind keeps coming up with more ideas than just the table brought in.

Hi Rachel! Thank you for stopping by and the lovely comment.

Hi Li! Fish would look good! And you CAN do it! It is so easy!!!!

Hi Alex and thanks for stopping by, yes I have floor art!

Hi my Crow friend! Yes I am enjoying your blog very much and thrilled to share it with others too! I wondered how it would work under a chair with wheels, or under the weight and movement of any chair, so I covered the area where my chair will be with clear packing tape. I will let you know how it holds up. Wall art sounds good too. Painting on the cardboard was interesting and I am excited to do it again.