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July 08, 2011

look heather, i drew a tree!

Look Heather...my first TREE!!!!!

I am posting this journal page for two reasons. 
First to show my friend Heather over at Little Red Henry that I actually drew one. She does beautiful trees! I have told her that I would post my first tree as she has inspired me!
Secondly, because I started getting into a little funk. Some of you may understand that feeling. I've been off work for a month, not been able to sit for very long at a time, been in pain, resting lots (which is very unfamiliar to me) and isolating a little; not a good combination. 
I felt a little empty, un-creative, unfruitful....barren... like a tree in winter. I thought of how comforting Heather's trees made me feel so I drew a tree, then added a few leaves, a few budding blossoms, the dragonfly (me) and of course the flowers that seem to be popping up on everything I have been doing in this journal. I thought about how this tree represented my feelings and wrote this:

a time to rest.
a time to heal!
a time to rediscover my creativity
my dreams
and purpose.
just like the barren tree
waking up
to the new life season,
i am waking up to my new season of life
i am entering.
i know that everything happens for a reason
and that the current events
are helping me learn to put myself first
for the first time in my life.
as i continue learning to rest, relax,
heal, create & listen
i come back to life.
i guess i need to let go of the past
just as a tree lets go of it's old leaves.
as i let go
i make room for the new exciting pieces of me
awaiting to emerge.
just like new leaves and blossoms
bringing in more beauty and life
i am emerging.

I spend time on each letter of each word that I do not pay attention to what I am actually writing until it is done. 
These words spoke to my soul. 
I realized this was a very good time for me in many ways.

I have been creating a little every day and will share some of that tomorrow. 

And now for a couple Shout Outs:
First there is a sorta local guy who makes spice blends. Normally I like my blends and am a little picky. I tried a couple of his spice blends at the Farmer's Market last weekend. He served them on Gluten Free Chex Mix  (oh thank you!) and in local olive oil! I was impressed, and not just because of the gluten free consideration. His spice blends were very yummy!!!!
I got two small packages at $3 each, one of Poco Caliente and one Chipolte Ole' and I have to go back tomorrow for more. Even the small bags have plenty of seasoning servings, I've just been using them on everything!
I have used the blends in pasta, eggs, steak, chicken, potatoes and in my salads. I am so impressed!
The company is Roys Seasonings. He has online recipes and sales at www.roysseasonings.com.
He uses all natural ingredients, and lots of ingredients too! Nice website and very reasonable prices. This is another must-have in my kitchen now. If you visit his site, see a seasoning online and wonder what it tastes like, just e-mail me and I will be happy to go sample them for you! Really...I could use it as an excuse to go do more taste testing!

Second Shout Out goes to Courtney over at Little Raven Ink. Courtney's blog is beautiful, colorful with honest artistic writing!  Today's post has a video of her creating an Art Journal page...incredible! This blog is definitely worth taking a moment to check out! Look at her Artwork and Photography Work Pages too if you get a chance. She is currently doing Traci Bunker's 30 Days of Get Your Art On which looks like great fun! The idea is to just work on art every day for 30 days. I really need something like this to keep my accountable.

I have missed blogging and am committing to getting back to what I love once again. I will blog and I will write and I will create...everyday...maybe not in that order.

Have a wonderful Friday evening!


Courtney said...

thankyou so much my dear for the shout out! I took the time over my morning tea to drink in your little blog and its adorable!
I hope you enjoy getting back on track with your art funk...those funks really get to us artists dont they!
hope to see you around my corner of the web again
xx Courtney

rajns (carolyn) said...

Your tree is wonderful - and filled with journaling. I have gotten away from the words part lately - perhaps I'll get back to it thanks to your inspiration!

Heather Henry said...

I am so happy to see your tree and that you are taking time to art journal. I know when I am down and uninspired, drawing or doing anything artistic helps me too. It's like creative therapy for my life, soul, body, mind. I love what you wrote too, it's beautifully poetic and something I would want to read to remind myself everyday. I think your tree is beautiful and I challenge you to draw more of them. Maybe add some birdies too. Trees are so amazing and soothing. I definitely believe God gave them to us as an amazing gift. One of my favorite stories, is The Giving Tree, by Shel Silverstein. Have you ever read it?
All those yummy spices sound like heaven. I bet your house smells divine every time you cook. Yum. I will have to check out the site, I love trying new spices.
I also checked out Courtney's blog, you're right, very talented and gorgeous blog. I too, love her honesty. So many amazing and wonderful bloggers out there. I love this community.
I hope you have a wonderful weekend and maybe some joyful company you can share your yummy spices with. And definitely some creative art time.
Can't wait to see your next tree. :)
Peace be with you!

li said...

Hope you are recovering/healing/letting go and moving on. Your picture and poem seem to indicate that you are. Art, writing and reflection are very soothing and comforting ways to help the process along. And no pain is wasted if we learn from it and allow it to make us stronger. Warm thoughts and virtual hugs,

~Rasz~ said...

Hi Courtney! My pleasure on mentioning you! Your blog is great!

Good Morning Carolyn. I think I will be going back and forth with words too!

Hi Heather! Thank you for your wonderful comment. I have never read the story, going to try and find it. I agree with what you wrote about trees. I know I love them and seeing yours just makes me smile and feel comforted. The spices are GREAT! I went back to the farmers market this weekend and got more. Glad you liked Courtney's blog.

Hello Li! How are YOU feeling. I guess we are both in that healing mode right now. Yes any kind of art/writing/creating is so good. I don't know about you but I am learning lots from all this.