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July 11, 2011

i love lavender...

One (although there really are SO many) of my favorite things about summer is lavender.

We have some of the best lavender farms where I live. The lavender season is short so I normally buy several bunches a week to make lavender wands. To make the wands, the lavender has to be freshly cut so the stems can bend without splintering.

 My front porch smells so good from the bits of lavender I still have in the vase and the little buds all over the ground. Here are a few wands I made from this week's bunch of lavender.

Does anyone else make lavender wands?

What is something special you do this time of year?

Shout Out!
Today's Shout Out is not actually for a blog but for a Blog Talk Radio station called Art and Soul Radio hosted by Leslie Riley. 
I found this station from an interview with Leslie Riley I read. On her show, Leslie interviews artists including Kelly Rae Roberts, LK Ludwig, Pam Carriker, Diana Trout and many more! . You can listen to her broadcasts live and submit questions or listen to past broadcasts.
Today's interview will be with Dana Reynolds who is an artist/writer and the creator of Sacred Life-Arts

One more thing, I need help coming up with a "title" for the Shout Outs I have been doing at the end of my posts and if you like them. 
What do you think?
I really appreciate your input and suggestions. 

Hope you are having a great start to your week!


rajns (carolyn) said...

I've never seen lavender wands - what a fun way to bring the smells of summer inside!

tina said...

I absolutely LOVE your shout outs!!! I found the classes at Strathmore there (thanks) and follow each and every one to meet new people and get new ideas. Love the opportunity! A title? Hmmmmmm, drawing a blank, let me mull on it! :)

Heather Henry said...

Lavender is so soothing, I love the way it smells. My girlfriend used to make soaps and bath salts with it. I've never seen a lavender wand, it's gorgeous. Do you hang it or wave it around and magically make your home smell yummy. :) I love it. Very beautiful. Looks like a wonderful way to relax.
I hope you are feeling better. Art, nature, creative time, it's all so therapeutic.
I think Shout Out is a good title. But if something brilliant pops into my mind, I will let you know. :)
Have a lovely week.

~Rasz~ said...

Lavender wands can be used as sachets, left out on a desk or working area or just put a couple in a basket because they are so pretty. The scents last forever (well at least several years). All you have to do to get the scent is squeeze the weaved bulb. They are made by covering the lavender flowers with the stems and then weaving the stems around the flowers with 1/4" ribbon. I guess I should have added that info in the post...hehe!!!

So far Shout-Out will be the title until something else comes up.

You are all great. Thank you for your comments. I am getting better and really focusing on healing and art...yes they definitely go hand in hand.