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July 14, 2011

getting out of my comfort zone with art, heart & healing class....

After taking the Brave Girls Club Soul Restoration 1 Class (which I highly recommend) I found this incredible teacher and artist Tam Land of willowing.org. Tam is so creative and does these wonderful little whimsical girls too. On her site, there is a link to all her videos that are such a treat to watch. Tam has a great personality and such a creative soul. She also hosts Willowing & Artists Friends at willowing.ning.com which is quoted on the site as a "happy place for making art". And it definitely is just that. There she offers classes by her or by other artists. There is something for everyone including groups, videos, art by members, forums and so much more. Tam has generously offered up a FREE class called Art, Heart & Healing which I signed up for. It originally started last Fall however she has left it open with the video classes and PDFs available to anyone who wants to participate. I found such artistic encouragement and support from other members there. It really is another great group of women.

The painting above is what I made from the first lesson. I am not going to tell you the details of what this part of the class was about because I do not want to give anything away if you decide you may want to sign up. I will say that creating this piece had me facing every creative obstacle I have made for myself (afraid of judgement, rejection, not being good enough, etc...). This was the first face I have ever tried to paint and the whole exercise really pushed me out of my comfort zone in so many ways. What an incredible blessing it turned out to be...isn't that the way it always happens when we face our fears?

This painting now has such a deep, healing meaning to me. The words on the right side of the girl read
"you are safe to go out into the world and let your light shine".

And on the edge of her neckline is the word CONFIDENCE, something I am working on.

I was so happy and proud of painting my first face ever, and completing her through all the mishaps, frustrations and old tapes that came up for me while doing her. Normally in the past I would have given up thinking that I could not learn or doubting myself.

I found an old frame that was the exact size of the paper (go figure) and painted it. I hung her next to my bed above my nightstand so I could see her face and read these empowering words every day!

She's far from perfect, but so am I.
She is a reminder that I can learn to create, get out of my comfort zone and have the courage to share even though I am only a beginner.

So for anyone thinking they cannot draw, let alone paint a face, believe me YOU CAN! I am so excited to try again and again, finding my way through creativity.

Please share something you have done, created or experienced that took you out of your comfort zone and taught you a valuable life lesson along the way.

Today's Shout-Out!
I would like to introduce you to one of my Brave Girl sisters from the Brave Girls Club. Her name is Terri and she has a beautiful blog Comfort Cottage. She recently went on a trip through the midwest and has posted some of the most beautiful pictures including my favorites, pictures of the Badlands, South Dakota.
She also is an incredible artist and has a link to a Flickr album full of beautiful paintings with inspirational messages of faith. 
Terry's message today is about finding faith in God's goodness when life seems to be falling apart. I really love her art, her message and her beautiful photography! I hope you go over and say hello. I'm sure she would like that.

Hoping you are making it a GREAT day!


li said...

Submitting my first piece of writing was really difficult. It was rejected. I think what saved me was sheer stubbornness rather than faith, because I kept on anyway.
Leading a "safe" life might be easy and comfortable, but then we don't really grow, or learn, or discover ourselves and our strengths. It seems like you are not only improving in your art, but learning to love and nurture yourself and others as well,and that's a wonderful thing!

tina said...

Mad applause!!!!!!!!!! LOVE her, and she's so wonderful I can't believe it was your first face! Excellent!

ArtMuseDog and Carol said...

Love this painting and am so glad you worked through whatever it is you needed to work through ~ thanks for sharing this ~ namaste, Carol

rajns (carolyn) said...

I love that your art is on your wall since it is such an important piece of art for you! By the way, the frame is perfect. Congrats on stepping out of the cozy comfort zone.

Terri Morse said...

Your first attempt at a face is wonderful. She has a beautiful, open look. Keep on testing new ground. You can do so much more than you can possibly imagine. Thank you so much for your enthusiastic review of my blog! What a pleasant surprise it was to read your kind words. Hugs, Terri

~Rasz~ said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your encouragement. I'm excited to stretch my wings a little more and see where it leads.

Your welcome Terri, I really enjoy your blog and was glad to be able to share it with others.