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July 28, 2011

help! need to move my art space...and empty-nest issues...

A couple months ago I created this cute little spot (little being 5'x5') as an art space.

This is a really small porch-like room that was added onto the back of the house I live in. The entire space is 5'x15'. It has a cement floor. The wall looking outside was built between the two outside walls of the house and has a big window and a door with another large window. I think the builders started to give up after building the outside wall. The roof is some old heavy kinda-clear plastic siding that is attached by nails to the framing leaving the entire upper edge of the outside wall opened about 2" or so.

Okay, I am telling you all this so you get an idea of the environment of my darling cute art space. 

I knew weather and bugs would be an issue. 

I set up my table against the wall where I knew the roof did not leak. 
I was aware that the winter would be cold and damp. 
No problem, wear extra clothes and drink more coffee!!! I can handle that.

I also knew that the summertime would be HOT! I love HOT so that was not a concern either.
I had no idea that the construction of this room would lead to it being a true Hot Box! 
No wonder it was never completed! 
They probably lost interest when the outside temp hit 90 and the inside was about 115!

I say tear down the outside wall and leave it an open porch, 
however I just rent and have no say in it.

The biggest problem I did not anticipate was was my art supply's ability to handle the weather. 

This kind of heat is not really friendly to art supplies.
My BRAND NEW water soluble crayons are melting and cracking.....oh no!  

Then last night the ants came for my brush water (they must be REALLY hot & thirsty to drink that).

With the afternoon temps in my art space/sauna reaching well above 100 degrees, I have been moving each project back inside onto the dining room table before noon.
I knew it was time to move things back indoors. 

My youngest son has pretty much moved out of his room and into his older brother's house.

His room is starting to look like an stark & empty storage area.

It's a beautiful sunny room with three windows.
Perfect for an art room.

So what's the problem you ask?
To me, it's still my son's room even without his furniture. 
He still has clothes in the closet .
(okay, winter clothes that probably don't fit, but it's still clothes in the closet)
I think I am having empty nest issues.
Okay, I AM having empty-nest issues!!!!

I need encouragement!
I need advice!
I need a hug!

Have you ever faced any "Empty-Nest" issues?

Have a Thrilling Thursday (even though it's already late in the afternoon)....


Sandra said...

Changes are hard to deal with. I don't have any children of my own so I cannot give advice about that. But the room is calling to be transformed into your new art room. I wish I had so many windows. My studio is in my attic with a little dormer window facing the backyard. Just think of it this way as a new art studio for you the room will serve dual purpose of bringing joy to you 1. to remember your son as his past room and to live in it as an artist creating new works. Perhaps it would be nice to include him in the transformation of the room if he's nearby and would enjoy such an event. I'm sending hugs your way;-)

Sunshineshelle said...

You little darling you DID need a hug didn't you :) OK Big Hugs again mmmmmmmmmm there you go!!! I guess you can't put a sleepout on the back area & you move into his room or maybe invest in a screen & keep moving it across his room bit by bit, so nobody really notices & then one day when he comes to visit (near winter) have his stuff all washed & packed to take to his brothers??? My Pastel pencils once when the same way as your crayons, I kept them in the fridge through summer wasn't ideal but they are AOK now... also before I go to dinner... one more hug mmmmmmmmmm... xoxo

Diane said...

Of course I say--transform the room--but let him know that if he wants to come back he can--just change it back! (probably easier said than done--I know)
I transformed my son's room into my art room (but then I also have another spare bedroom :)

It's just a new chapter in your life--think of it that way--you'll love it!

~Rasz~ said...

Hi Sandra! Thanks for the hugs and the great advice. My son is coming over later this afternoon to move things for me and get it all set up!

Hi Shelle! You give the biggest hugs, and two in one day...I am SO blessed. Forgot about the fridge! Great idea. They have melted a little more and its starting to look really cool, like a blended box 'o colors!

Hi Diane! I have a twin bed I brought in just in case anyone needed a place to sleep. I do not have a guest room. I saw this great twin bed/sitting area Mystele created and I am going to use some of her ideas. A new chapter....I like that!

Thanks again! I am starting to feel so much better about this and even getting a little excited too!

tina said...

oh sweetie!!!!! It is horrible to have the empty nester thing. But I promise you, change the room into your space and don't look back! You'll be a happy mama and that is exactly what your son wants!!! He'd probably agree a zillion times over. Let him help you tackle it, great advise from Sandra!!! You can deco up that twin bed into an even more fabulous space!!!! A studio with napping room or room for a loved one. It is good stuff!


~Rasz~ said...

Oh Tina! Thank you so much. You are such a sweet loving special woman! I'm so grateful to have you in my corner! Thanks for the hug too. And you are right, I can see it now!

creatingme said...

wow...you're going through lots! Thank you for coming to visit my blog. I am just loving yours! I have NO empty nesting issues yet, so I don't think I can help. I don't even have a studio to call my own; I take over the kitchen table and tell my kids to eat picnik style on the floor! I am going to go devour your blog some more.


Magic Love Crow said...

Big Hugs ;o) I think you really need it!! I don't have kids, but I understand ;o)

~Rasz~ said...

Hi there creatingme! Thank you and you have a great blog also! I have lots of fun (and also some learning) reading your blog. I think trying to create wherever I can find the spot in between the kids and making dinner is what I miss most :)

Hi MagicLoveCrow! Thank you for the hug my lovely crow friend.

Carla M. Turner said...

Hi, it's Carla from A Painterly Life. I'd say enjoy your son's room! Honor him by using his room as a place to create! ~Just as you son has "grown and flown", perhaps it's time for you to do the same?... =) Allow yourself to grow into this new and special space, and to "fly" as an artist. *hugs* =)

~Rasz~ said...

Hi Carla! Thanks for stopping by. You are so right, it IS time for me to do the same. Thank you so much for your words and encouragement!

Heather Henry said...

Oh Robin, I can totally understand the empty nest feeling. When my daughter moved out, we were sooo close, like best girlfriends (and she'd always said she'd live by me forever) it was heart breaking, I thought I would never be able to smile again. It was difficult. But time heals. We are still close, but I don't get to see her much, they live 2 states away. My 3 boys are still at home and that has helped, but I do miss her.
I think having a bigger, more comfy and open atmosphere for your art space will be fantastic and inspiring. It looks like a lovely place to create.