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June 07, 2011

doodling tangles to drawing faces

During my resting these past few days, I have been doodling, "tangling" and have now attempted to learn how to draw faces. As I have posted before, I am not someone who can draw very well but I love the idea of incorporating faces into mixed media art. I figure if I am going to be just laying around for a couple days, I can use this time wisely and try my hand at faces. I have watched Mystele's YouTube videos of her creating mixed media artwork and finding faces in the background. Mystele has always been an inspiration to me. 

Well, yesterday I found Milliande's YouTube on drawing faces and something clicked! So I got out my sketchbook and started drawing. I apologize for the pictures. I use my cell phone as my camera.

I was surprised at my first attempts to draw faces! Thank you Milliande for such a GREAT tutorial!!! She also has an Art Community for Women and a blog and an Art & Creativity Online Help Guide website you might want to check out! I just LOVE sharing these great artists, blogs, sites and tutorials. I also found her voice to be very soothing as she teaches.

 Drawing these faces has given me courage to continue learning to draw more faces and maybe even trying some faces mixed into my art. 

One problem though, how to keep the pencil lead that gets all over the side of my hand from rubbing off all over the paper? Any suggestions?

Weather update! It is SUNNY!!!!! The rain FINALLY stopped and there are blue skies!!!! YEAH!!!!

Have a wonderful Tuesday!


Gregg said...

Great drawings. I can't draw a straight line. My brother could have been an excellent illustrator/drawer if he would had stayed with it.

Lauren @ 31diy said...

Those are great drawings! I need to learn how to draw faces better. I need even more help with drawing other sorts of things.

Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog!


tina said...

my faces are not good at all and yours are quite wonderful!! It does give me some hope that SOMEDAY I might not be so remedial!!!

Heather Henry said...

Wow, these are really awesome! I love them, you are very talented. I think the hardest part of drawing faces is getting the eyes to line up, being right handed, I seem to have issues drawing the left eye. Yours look fantastic. As far as the pencil on your hand, the trick is to take a small piece of paper and put it under your hand, so you don't smudge the pencil. If you're right handed, you can also try working from left to right, so you're hand isn't over what you've already drawn.
I'm excited to see more and more of your lovely pictures. :)