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June 05, 2011

cure for the rainy day blues

is it every going to stop raining?
Okay, I'll admit it, I am spoiled living in Northern California. We get cold, rainy, snowy winters but the late Spring and Summer is sunny, pure blue skies for days and warm. I love it!

This year is different. Today it would normally be sunny and everyone would already be complaining about the heat (well, except me 'cuz warm/hot is my kind of weather). This is NOT normal. It is STILL cold, rainy, damp, gloomy and I am beginning to think it will never be sunny again. 

On top of that, I am having some health issues and this weather is not helping me feel better. So here I sit, off work for a few days, waiting for some tests, and....well....getting a little snarky!!!! I do not like to be snarky, so I decided to find something I could do while laying on the couch. Found it!!!! Zentangles!!!! My newest obsession. Not only is it fun, it is a great stress reliever too. Time flies as I create new Tangles. Go to tanglepatterns.com at your own risk of becoming addicted too I must add as a disclaimer!

I also have been needing to make some ATCs for next week's ATC trading day at our local art council. I have not gone the past several months since I have not made any ATCs. Making ATCs with Zentangle patterns is a great mix! 


 Too cool huh?

There's more:

and more:

The cure for the rainy day blues? Zentangle!!!!

Have a great Sunday.


li said...

Really gorgeous! Did you do those? I love black and white art and photos. But I don't think I would have the patience for it. I've bookmarked it though, as I may try a simple border for a sketch or two down the road. Thanks for posting and the link!

~Rasz~ said...

Believe me, if I can do it....it's EASY!!! And fun. The ATCs are only 2.5"x3.5" so they are small, quick and instant gratification! I got the idea from seeing art with cool backgrounds and found out the backgrounds and artwork were inspired by Zentangles. Too cool. I am planning on doing some art with this new inspiration.

Diane said...

Love zentangles! and I've never tried them either, but I can see the addiction--and I hope your weather clears up and you feel better too!

Heather Henry said...

I really hope you get to feeling better. I'm sorry you are feeling blue, but wow, those are truly fantastic. I love the way they look. I've never heard of zentangles. When you first mentioned it, I was thinking yarn and knitting. Which is always like therapy. But I can see that zentangles would definitely be awesome therapy and very, very addicting. I will go check out the site. Hooray for new adventures in art. Also, what are ATC's? Are they art trading cards? I always that would be fun to do. I really love your designs, you are so talented and create really awesome patterns. Love them. I hope your week is sunny and bright and filled with warmth and beauty.

Linda said...

These are amazing designs! You definitely have a talent for this :-)