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June 22, 2011

awards and apologies!

First off I want to thank two very, very special ladies for honoring me with blog awards. I also want to apologize for taking so long to post the awards or the gratitude I feel in my heart for being chosen!

Carol's blog...or maybe the blog is actually Zoe's, her irresistibly cute dog (aka ArtMuse Dog)... is a blog of beauty, inspiration and healing. Carol uses art, photography and inspirational messages to remind the reader of self healing tips and suggestions. She is incredible. Every day I visit her blog, I find a message that could have been written just for me! 
Last week she wrote a post that would be helpful to many of us trying to find our creativity. I know it was so helpful to me. Her post was "Stop Sabotaging Your Creativity"
Today's blog post is "Fulfilling Your Needs and Wants". Being off work for health stuff and not feeling my best, I am a little lonely and down. Carol's post today reminded me of what I can do for myself, just me, and not expect others to fill the needs that I can fill myself. Carol has a way with words that speaks to the soul. Check out Carol and Zoe. She has another site also A Creative Harbor. On this blog Carol and Zoe post photos of their beautiful surroundings in Maine on the Cape with inspirational messages.

The next award I received is from my my dear, sweet, wonderful blogging friend (who I just have to meet in person and have coffee with someday!) Heather of Little Red Henry. She gave me this award:
When I grow up I want to draw like her! Heather can do some amazing trees. I love her trees! Her blog is great too. She is an excellent writer and I always feel right at home visiting her. Heather was one of my first blogging buddies out here in the blogger world. I hope you go out and meet Heather, she is one of a kind!

Now there are rules that came with each award. first you have to thank the people who gave you the award, and provide links to their blogs! Okay, I can definitely do that.

THANK YOU CAROL and THANK YOU HEATHER. You both are such inspirations to me and I am glad to have gotten to meet both of you! 

Next the Stylish Blogger Award asks that you list 15 things about yourself. The Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award
 asks that you list 7 things about yourself. So I will list 15 as I figure the 7 in the 15 would be in both anyway...did that make any sense?

1. God is first in my life.
2. I have been blessed with two wonderful, fully grown, rambunctious, crazy boys.
3. I make great salsa.
4. I LOVE coffee.
5. I want to write a book.
6. I make traditional pow wow regalia and beadwork.
7. I cry every time I watch Lilo and Stitch, and most other Disney movies.
8. I blame my boys for my gray hair.
9. I'm gluten free (please pass on recipes for breads & stuff if you have any).
10. I love to laugh and smile and dance.
11. I love to go on motorcycle rides, regardless of the weather.
12. I volunteer at my church serving others.
13. I live in a beautiful old city filled with history.
14. I love meeting new people.
15. I am not married.
16. When I get into being creative, I feel freedom.
17. I love the feel of paint on my hands.

Now the other part of the awards are to pass them onto other bloggers. That I am going to change up a bit. This is the second time I have received The Stylish Blogger Award and I feel so very, very special to have been given it twice. Then to get The Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award makes me feel sweetly wonderful! I truly am grateful for both. These will be proudly posted on my Awards & Challenges page here on my blog.

Lately I am finding so many wonderful bloggers while still visiting all my favorites that I follow. Each time I get an award and pass it along, I think of so many other bloggers that I would like to pass it onto also. Or I remember one special blogger that I forgot when passing awards forward.

I read a post that Li over at Flash Fiction wrote about what she was going to do in lieu of passing on her awards to just a couple bloggers. She actually wrote this post when I passed on The Blogger Buddy award to her. When I read her post, it really made sense to me as I also feel bad when I can only acknowledge several bloggers for each award.

With that said, in appreciation for these awards, instead of passing them along to only a select few (because really my #18 on the list above would be "I have a hard time making up my mind at times") I am going to end each of my posts with a blogger I am following or have found. This way I can share all the terrific bloggers that inspire me, teach me, encourage me, take me away and make me smile!

The first blogger I want to introduce to you Tina, aka The Knitting Contessa. She is also one of my Brave Girl Sisters.
Now Tina's blog is not really about knitting, sometimes it's about not knitting. Her blog is really about art, her life and it's full of fun and inspiration. She is another one f the first bloggers I met and is just a wonderful woman! She just posted her bathroom she redid! WOW!!!! I want her to come re-do my bathroom.
Please go visit Tina and say "hi"! I know she would appreciate it.

Have a wonderful Wednesday and enjoy SUMMER!!!!

BTW: #19 on the list above would be I LOVE HOT, HOT, SUNNY WEATHER!


Diane said...

Congrats on winning not one but TWO blogging awards! It is so nice to be recognized, isn't it? Well deserved, though!


Heather Henry said...

Robin, you are truly deserving of the awards, you're so very, very sweet. Thank you for all of the lovely things you said about me too. I'm so happy to be your friend and I am definitely looking forward to the day we can go have coffee together. I'm certain it will happen. I hope you are feeling better and that the sun is shining for you. I love working on art outside on the back deck, it always feels so good.
I'm excited to check out the other blogs you mentioned. They sound amazing. Also, I love you list of things about yourself. You are an incredible and beautiful woman.
I hope you have a truly lovely day/weekend! Peace be with you!

ArtMuseDog and Carol said...

Thanks for your wonderful comments and so glad I can help ~ that is what it is all about ~ Sharing the Creative Journey ~ Ruff! Ruff!

Love how you did this post and all creatively taking time with it ~ that is a lesson for me ~ to 'slow down' ~ I had a tendency to 'rush' ~ LOL ~ See ~ I have to practice what I preach ~ hugs and namaste to you ~ Carol and ArtMuseDog ^_^

~Rasz~ said...

Thank you Diane, and yes it is SO nice! I feel very special right now.

Heather thank you for the good wishes and I am glad you liked what I posted about myself. I messed up though, I was suppose to post only 15 and did 17...then added two more. Okay I do not follow directions well either :)

The sun is warm and healing, I am trying to spend lots of time soaking it up and doodling. One of these days I really am going to do a tree!!! I will share it with you as you are definitely my "Tree Drawing Inspiration"! Have a blessed weekend.

Carol, you help more than you could imagine. Thank you! I am definitely trying to slow down although even in slowing down I do not follow directions well...and that is what creating is all about, right?

tina said...

I just think you are the PEACHES! :) Big Hugs!

~Rasz~ said...

Right back at you Tina! Your posts really do make me smile!