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June 02, 2011

awarding my blogger buddies

Back during the A-Z Challenge, Heather from Little Red Henry gave me the Blogger Buddy Award. She has definitely been my blogger buddy, an inspiration to me and a newfound friend. Aren't the Hummingbirds pretty?

Blogger Buddy Award
Since the Challenge has ended, I have not blogged much. I have been so busy with work, some personal health issues and the Soul Restoration Class. I miss blogging and staying in touch with all my fellow bloggers along with blog hopping around. So know that I will be out visiting very soon.

This award can be passed onto 1-5 other bloggers and there are FIVE that I definitely want to send these hummingbirds to. Not only are these some great blogs by amazingly talented women, these women have been my 'blogging buddies" and I am so grateful for them in my life. I am not sure if each one knows how much inspiration, courage, laughter and smiles they have brought to my life at a time when I needed it most.

drum roll please..........

Li at Flash Fiction. Her short stories are incredible. I  love her talent, her suspenseful writing style and  her personality! Once I get over to her blog I am usually there for a long time just reading all her latest stories.

Kristy at Healing Through Art My Story. Kristy is another amazing, brave woman who inspires by sharing her story. Kristy is finding healing from grief through art and sharing, which encourages others.

Keena from It's My Life. Keena shares her life and also the challenges of living with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia. She helps people understand the real effects of these conditions and how to manage life.

Sylvia van Bruggen at Word Doodles. Sylvia's blog is inspiring me to write! She is a beautiful, encouraging spirit!

Allison at Allison Writes. She is just too cute! Personality plus talent! Check out her fantastic book review of Steven Tylers new bio!!!!

Have a great Thursday!


allison said...

Rasz this is SO sweet, thank you! I'm glad to be a part of your life in some way, even just online via blogs! Also - post more about your Soul Restoration class (if you want/if you get a chance) - sounds fascinating!

Keena said...

AAWWWW!!!! That is so sweet. I am glad that we can be friends. I rely on my online friends for inspiration and encouragement and you have been both to me. Thank you!

Gregg said...

Have missed you, glad to see you post. Hope all is well with thee and thine. Congrats on your awards.

patricia said...

Beautifully done ~ you have always been an inspiration to me