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June 12, 2011

atc trading!

I went to our local Artist Trading Card group yesterday. It's a small group, only five of us yesterday. I got SO inspired, gained lots of information and felt welcomed.

I wanted to share what my trades were. I really wish I had a better camera as these pics do not show how beautiful the ATCs I received actually are:
my ATC "believe", watercolor background with ink
Rachel Marie's ATC "Black Grass", momotype print
with Akua inks! Absolutely beautiful!

next trade:

my ATC "Happy Heart", Zentangled inspired
drawing with ink
Marie Lee's ATC "Lavendar" watercolor.
The colors are wonderful and soothing. I would
love to have this as a painting in my home!
Incredible artist!

"never-ending trail", another one of my Zentangle
inspired drawings
Susan's beautifully creative paper collage
with gold sequins and gold ric rac. Isn't this
my "broken pieces", cut up drawing and sparkles
Roberta's ATC made from her own stamp
"Art enables us to find ourselves
and loose ourselves
at the same time."
Isn't that cool?

I made an ATC album back in February to store the cards I receive. 

Now I have more cards to start filling it up! I am looking forward to going back every month. Two of the girls have been trading ATCs through a site called atcsforall.com. I'm going to check it out later.  

The last ATC trade I pictured here was from Roberta (E. Roberta Altshuler). She is an incredible, well known artist and also has taught all over. She has even been featured on the Carol Duvall show! Roberta has her own original rubber stamp line (and more) over at www.ERAgraphics.com. Throughout the years she has designed thousands of rubber stamps. The ATC above was created from one of her ATC stamps. Tomorrow's post is all about Roberta since I want to give her more than just a blurb at the end of today's post! In the meantime, check out her site and look around!

Have a Super Special Sunday!!!!


Lauren @ 31diy said...

Those are all so pretty!

Heather Henry said...

These are all fantastic, not only the ones you received, but the ones you made. I love the book you made, as well. It's gorgeous! What a fun way to collect the art of others. I had forgotten about ATC's until I read about it in your recent post. We had some of our students make them and trade with each other. They really had a great time with them. I have yet to make any, but when I do, I would love to trade with you. :) Yours are beautiful.

Linda said...

I think that's a brilliant idea, to meet together and make ATCs. I'd love to be part of a group like that.

PS Thank you for your comment BTW. You made me laugh out loud...one of the best ever :-)