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June 25, 2011

an amazing coffee story found at the local summer farmer's market!

Now that's just a great country Farmer's Market sign!

This morning I decided I needed to get out of the house for a bit and took off to our local Farmer's Market. I love the Farmer's Market. It is just one of my favorite Saturday morning ventures; always full of colors, smells, and great people to talk to.

Before I get into the amazing coffee story,  I want to share the various home-grown and handmade items I saw today. 
I took the pictures with my cell phone so they are not too good. 

After a brief snapshot of the market, then comes the amazing coffee story I want to share. It's about a couple of women I met today, their coffee roasting company and their mission to help empower women in other countries run their own coffee farms, which in turn supports their families and their communities!

Sights from today's outing:

Cherries are in season here...YUMMY!
Yummy Bing Cherries!
Delicious Ranier Cherries too!

Local grown veggies of course:

Fresh made breads:

My absolute favorite, locally grown and harvested, organic olive oil by Winterhill. I keep at least four flavors on hand at all times along with a bottle of their imported balsamic vinegar.
BTW: Winterhill ships all over! Check out their site...
Winterhill is owned & operated by a wonderful Italian family!

Salami and olives!

Tea anyone?

Some local honey with that tea?

And everyone definitely needs a colorful basket to carry all these goodies, 
and a sun hat.

Now for some other handmade goodies:
Beautiful birdhouses!

Goat milk soap!

And don't forget the something for your closet!
Shirts, purses and accessories in colorful summer cotton!

Now here is the REAL STORY of the day:

A local COFFEE ROASTING company caught my eye!!!! Have I said I LOVE COFFEE? Then to see a LOCAL roaster...can you say "Oh yeah!".

Here is Mery and Hannah holding up one of the pillowcase dresses
that Hannah is going to take to Nicaragua next week.
El Dorado Coffee & Tea Company is a local coffee roaster, now that is very good and I will definitely support them. But the story gets even BETTER! 

El Dorado Coffee & Tea Company had a dream "to promote coffee grown and nurtured by women" and out of this dream came Project2Love thanks to Hannah's mom Rene and Mery Santos (above). 

Hannah (pictured above) will be heading to Nicaragua next week to visit the small coffee farms that they purchase their beans from. This young women, along with several friends, will be bringing 60 (maybe more, I forget the number as I was getting a little teary-eyed) dresses made from pillowcases by the Made With Lots Of Love project. 

Hannah has a blog, Project2Love.blogspot.com where she explains the dream that created this project, the Mission, her upcoming trip and all about the significance of the pillowcase dresses. 
These little dresses help fight human trafficking and keep little girls wearing them safe! 

If possible, take a moment to visit:
and Follow Hannah at Project2Love.blogspot.com.

I am continually amazed at the ripple effect one person, or in this case a couple women, can make when they follow a dream. Here is a company not concerned about profit but working towards empowering women to be able to care for their families while building their communities and really making a difference in the world.

I tried the coffee and the hibiscus tea too! Excellent coffee and I think I am going to take up drinking hibiscus tea! There were other flavors also but I was too busy talking to these incredible women. And of course I just had to buy a bag of beans. I got the House blend...oh so good!
Is that cool or what! It has the Roast Date, handwritten even!!!!
What a wonderful Saturday morning!


Diane said...

Great post--I now can't wait to go to the farmer's market which will be at my next art fair--I love these venues, but our town doesn't have any real farmer's market like this. And what a very wonderful thing these ladies are doing--thanks so much for the link--coffee is my drink of choice-these small coffee roasters (business) being my favorite.

li said...

Very cool - I love supporting these types of projects. I'm fortunate to live in a heavily agricultural area, so we have 3 or 4 large farmer's markets year round, and a large entity called 10,000 Villages which supports tiny start-up businesses all over the world. (The olive oil sounds delicious, BTW).

Keena said...

I enjoyed your post. I should see if we have a farmer's market in our area. I'm not a coffe drinker but glad you found a company to support.

Heather Henry said...

What a gorgeous farmer's market. Looks like there is so much to offer there and it all looks amazing. I want to go. We have a small one in our town. When we move, I imagine we will find more like the one you went to.
I looked up the Project2Love. What a great vision they have. I love it when people work together to improve the lives of others. I believe that is our purpose. I will definitely support them. I like to sew, I could probably manage to make some dresses too. Human trafficking is such a horrible and awful thing, it makes me sad that it still exists. I would love to help out. Thank you so much for sharing. What a blessing you are.
Peace be with you!

ArtMuseDog and Carol said...

What a wonderful Saturday you had and connected with great people ~ I will be working 2x a month at the Farmer's Market to promote TimeBanks ~ a national bartering group and many local ones also ~ I will be working for my local group ~ CapeAnn TimeBanks ~ check it out ~ great concept ~ like your connection ~ it is all about helping people ~ help themselves ~ hugs ^_^