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May 14, 2011

creating a "creative space"

As I posted about a week ago, I decided to create my own little space to create in. I had been using my 5'x5' round dining room table and also needing to store everything on it so I was ending up with an art space that had more and more stuff and less and less table space to do anything at.

Since the weather here has cleared up, I decided to use my very small back porch. It has walls and lots of windows. The only drawback is the porch area does not have a real roof, just a heavy plastic overhang, so in the rainy months I will have to move back inside. I know it will get very hot in the summer, but that's okay, it's my little spot!

The space I have to work with is 5-1/2'x5', yes very small but do-able. Here's a pic of the beginning process:

I really wanted a cork-board on the wall for inspiration so I dug through my remnants from making jewelry boards and found an old cork-board with a messed up frame:

A little cheerful paint and some doodles and it is just perfect:

I also painted the corner shelf that I had sat on top of the workspace table. It was a crooked faux wood shelf I had been holding on to just because I figured I could use it someday. Painting it was a difficult task. I was trying to get it to match the cork-board frame and the shelf was not cooperating. So I ended up just painting it  a deep yellow with splashes of whites, burnt umber and bright yellow. It came out creatively messy and fits right in. 

The workspace table is a 5' folding table that was way too low to use just as a table, so I took two wooden shelves I picked up at a yard sale and laid the table on top! Solved my storage problem!

Here is my progress so far:

Time to go and organize! I have an old plastic silverware tray for my paint pens and charcoals, a pretty purple tin for markers, a couple strong small boxes for rubber stamps and dragonflies on the wall to keep me company!

I am hoping to be finished by the end of today! YEAH!!!!


Gregg said...

Very cute! Any space that is private and ours is wonderful. The quiet and privacy allows us to think, meditate, pray, and be creative, whether in bible study or crafts and painting.

Yes, you do need a cork board to pin up those inspirational posts from, what is that blog? Oh yes, the one called Gospel-driven Disciples. Every now and then they put out something that is cork board inspirational and worthy.

Too bad it doesn't have a real roof. Next project, huh?

Hope you post some shots of the finished project. Blessings to you!

allison said...

wow, that looks amazing! i love reusing and reorganizing things i just have sitting around - i think thats a creative process in itself!

Diane said...

Congrats on finding your own creative nook! After 20 years, I am finally getting an actual room to work in instead of the dining room table and I am so psyched!

I also love to re-use and recycle. You did a great job!


li said...

You did a fantastic job! Doesn't it feel great to be able to surround yourself with things which YOU created and that inspire you? It always makes me feel happier to be in my very own space. :))