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May 07, 2011

coming soon...

I'm taking a short blogging break; blogging on my blog and visiting others also. I need some "off the computer" time to focus on several personal, creative, healing projects that I am up to.

The first one is finding a "space" to create. I have been using my little dining room table but there is no storage and I am making a bigger mess than anything else. So I started to convert my little, tiny, outside patio/sun room area into a creative space during the months where the weather is good. I know it will be very hot out there in the summertime, but that's what tank tops and shorts are for, right? This will hopefully be done in the next week or so. I will share the before/after/done pictures and stories!

See you soon and Happy Mother's Day!!!!!


li said...

Great! I'm a big advocate of 'dedicated work space'. See you soon!

Heather Henry said...

Good idea! I'm hoping to do the same soon. I currently use our dining room table as my easel, which means we haven't eaten there for 6 weeks or so. But nobody seems to mind. It would be nice to have a separate space though, one that could be messy, but not where everyone can see it. I'm excited to see it. Have fun creating! New space is soooo inspiring!

Happy Mother's Day, I hope it is a truly lovely day for you!

Diane said...

Looking forward to it!