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April 28, 2011

XXX1, CLXXX1X and almost M...thank you, thank you, thank you!

For today's X-day, I thought of Roman Numerals to X-plain how X-citing blogging has become and what the A-Z Challenge has brought into my life!

I signed up for a Blogger account in April 2009, one year ago, and did nothing with it. It was actually under a different name that I had used many years ago for my sewing and beading. On March 8th this year I started this blog under a name and vision that fit ME, entering a new chapter in my life with new dreams, emerging creativity, finding passions, strengthening up courage and a feeling of purpose.

When I thought about taking the leap into creating a blog, Mystele e-mailed me and said to do it for myself and nothing else. Not to worry if anyone ever read it or liked it, just do it. I took her advice and it felt good. I was beginning to find where my creativity might lead and enjoying every minute. I never thought anyone would ever read my blog, and really never imagined having a "follower". Really, what could I write or do that would interest others?

So here it is, my blog, less than two months old. I have XXXI  followers (that's 31!!!! You all ROCK & I happily follow you too!) with CLXXXIX comments (189-may have gotten that Roman Numeral incorrect?) and viewed almost M times (1000!!!!!!)! I am in awe and so grateful for everyone who has visited and commented.

This has to be one of the best "leaps of faith" I have taken in a long, long time. I am so grateful to the Brave Girl friends out there and to the A-Z Challenge, along with anyone else that has stopped by. I am grateful beyond words.

I will be sad to see the A-Z Challenge ending in a few days however I am X-cited to get back to painting, creating, writing and spending more time reading other blogs, making new friends and nurturing the relationships with the new friends I have found along this journey!

The A-Z Challenge taught me to post something, anything, every day and how to use my imagination too. In the past I have not been very good at believing in myself. I would get discouraged and give up. I made a commitment to the Challenge which strengthened my confidence in myself too. I have gained inspiration, strength, knowledge, encouragement and friendships I never dreamed of two short months ago.

It's all definitely a work in progress, this blog, wherever my art will go and me! I know now that dedication. reaching out to others, connecting, learning and PRACTICE is what will determine where this path will lead. I do want to learn to write so I can finish my book someday. I do want to learn more about mixed media and drawing, I am loving it and the artists that share their work and techniques. Finding the blogging world and committing to the Challenges that are stretching my comfort zone are assisting me with growing along with the wonderfully encouraging community of bloggers!!!! I am now fully committed to this newborn baby blog and my art to nurture it, feed it, care for it, let the "oops" happen and see where it all leads.



Heather Henry said...

It's been a pleasure getting to know you. And I am looking forward to seeing where your creative journey takes you. I think it's going to be amazing! Like you, I was encouraged by a friend to start my blog, because she felt like I should share my art with the world. It was a stretch for me, because I wondered who would want to see it or care to read what I had to say. Some days, it is still uncomfortable to post, because I'm not sure about what I'm doing, but if I remember what you said and to just do it for myself and nothing else, it will be much easier.
The A-Z has been amazing and has caused me to really go beyond my comfort zone and meet so many awesome people. I am really loving the blogging world.
Thank you so much for sharing so much of yourself. You are a wonderful person and I'm so happy I've been able to get to know you.
Have a blessed and beautiful day!

Nicole said...

Nice use of Roman Numerals. I wish you much success on your blogging progress and creative journey :)

The Madlab Post

li said...

*Grinning* I started and deleted 2 blogs before the current one. One was humorous but life wasn't very funny at the time. The other was personal...and it felt TOO personal. Creepy, in fact. Isn't it a good feeling when you finally hit on something that really flows out of you, whether it's verse, prose, art, rants, or whatever? i think that's the key to success - I like to read blogs where I actually "feel" the person - can't explain it better than that.
It's been a pleasure getting to know you, seeing your art, hearing your thoughts, reading your comments. So please, keep on with it!

~Rasz~ said...

Heather-I have to say that I enjoy your blog and artwork and post so much! When I look at what you have created I think "who would NOT want to read it, who would NOT like it" for you are amazing!

Nicole-thanks for your comment and stopping by. I am on my way over to visit you also!

Li-glad to know I'm not the only one with a blog or two deleted (also grinning!). It's been wonderful following you and I will continue even after I get my signed copy of your book full of stories! hint, hint! I love your spirit and storytelling.

Amanda Trought said...

Rasz, Im so glad you followed your heart to start blogging, and its great to share the journey with you, we have connected on a number of sites. Its hard to believe that you have only been blogging for 2 months you have a lovely style to your writing and its also lovely to see your art as it will develop every time you step outside your comfort zone...onwards and upwards:) Blessings and hugs, Amandax