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April 27, 2011


Lots of Words popped into mind for the letter W today...
          • Writing
          • Words
          • Wisdom
          • Wonderful
          • Wednesday (perfect for W day being on Wednesday)
          • Winter
          • Waiting (Sarah Allen did a Wonderful post on Waiting for her W-day)
But when I got a call from my best friend Bobby, who moved to Arkansas a while back, letting me know he was  okay, I thought about Weather. His town was hit by an F4 tornado that sadly took the lives of four people in his neighborhood. CNN News was camped out reporting just down the road from his house.

Before Bobby moved to Arkansas, another good friend of mine Anna had moved to Indiana. I was raised in Ohio and sometimes miss it terribly. With both Anna offering a place to live if I wanted to move there and Bobby reminding me of the opportunities and cost of living in the mid-West, I always remembered the violent weather and declined, staying safe in my cute, cozy, little town in Northern California.

I do not live in a big city nor do I live where it's sunny beaches with palm trees. Winter is cold, raining and snowing. Summer can bring temperatures exceeding 100 for days. Even though the cost of living is higher and job opportunities are slim, there are majestic mountains, deserts and rock cliff coastlines all in a short driving distance away. I have seen the beauty described in Louis L'Amour's books I read as a kid right in my backyard. The beauty, the history and the Weather keeps me planted here even if I still have a mid-Westerner's heart.

I miss the mid-West. I miss thunder and lightning and fireflies (no fireflies in Cali). I miss the people, the fresh corn and tomatoes in the summertime (Cali has fresh grown veggies however they never taste as wonderful as what is grown in the mid-West). I miss the memories of growing up in a mid-Western rural community. I just don't miss the violent Weather.

Know that all of you dealing with the devastating storms this week, my thoughts and prayers are with you! 
I pray you, your families and your communities are safe. 


Arlee Bird said...

Weather is very much in the news of late. Here in the Los Angeles area there are not all that many variations in weather so I don't think about it all that much.

Tossing It Out

Tara Tyler said...

so sorry to hear about the loss. puts our sad rainy faces into perspective.

WIP is work in progress...sorry I assumed!
Happy w day =)

li said...

How appropriate...I live on the east coast, and this year has been exceptional for the number of tornadoes here (we're currently under warning as I type this). Nature can be so fragile...and so very powerful. I love it in the US, but I think if I had to live anywhere else it would be the UK. They don't seem to have much in the way of violent weather/earthquakes and such! (Although I'd miss the 90F temps, I'm a sun lover. I suppose I'd have to get a big heat rock like they make for reptile cages.)

Sylvia van Bruggen said...

I really hope everyone stays safe.

We don't get tornadoes in the Netherlands. We get violent storms, oodles of rain and weather that can change from summer to autumn in a day, like this week.

~Rasz~ said...

HiLee, yes living in California does not make for big weather news, unless it's an earthquake or fires in the summer. We are luckier than most.

Thanks Tara, WIP-now it makes sense to me. I've got a book that I just started so I am not sure if it's even a WIP yet...more just an outline. I am so glad to find all of you great writers to learn from.

Hi Li, I pray you made it through the warning today and are safe. It really has been a crazy weather year everywhere. Even here we have seen much more rain and cold than in previous years. I'm like you, I need heat and summer. That big heat rock is sounding really good tonight! I've never been to the UK...future trip maybe?

Hi Sylvia, wow the Netherlands, sounds so interesting. I do like the storms with lightning and thunder...hmmm...storms, seasons and no tornadoes? I would love to visit the Netherlands someday.

Heather Henry said...

Thanks for the thoughts and prayers. It can get pretty crazy. Weirdly, I don't worry about it much anymore. I used to have tornado dreams all of the time when we first moved here. I think we've just gotten used to the radical weather at this point. I don't mind the grey cloudiness though, I actually really enjoy it. I love that every day, I never know what to expect. :)

Sorry to hear about the tornadoes and lives lost, I just saw that on the news. Very sad!

Nicole said...

It's good that your friend is doing OK. This weather is crazy and it deters me from wanting to settle in at certain areas of the country.

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Amanda Trought said...

Thanks for the post, out thoughts and prayers goes out to all those who have suffered loss. My sister in law lives in huntsville and their phone lines are down, no damage to property. Stay blessed. Amandax