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April 26, 2011

v is for vacuum cleaner

This looks like fun to drag around the house. This is an ad for Booth's Vacuum Cleaner 1906. Picture came from

And they were marketing  only to women and as a gift...hmmm.....why? wasn't on my birthday list. And Vacuuming in a dress and pumps...ouch!

Now here's a cool old ad from www.vacuumland.org which will take you to more interesting old Vacuum ads and Vacuum history.

And for more reading pleasure that explains some of the history of the Vacuum, go to About.com. Did you know the first attempt to create a vacuum was in the late 1500's! Really!

Think of all the hair, dirt, dust and junk our Vacuums suck up in a year. I have hardwood floors and I Vacuum the floors, Vacuum the couch, Vacuum the cobwebs off the wall (with the attachments of course) and I would Vacuum my dog if she would just sit still long enough and cooperate. She is shedding like crazy.

Do you have any interesting Vacuum stories? Vacuum facts? Something your Vacuum ate that was not on the menu and you had to dig it out of the dust and crud to recover? Do you own a Vacuum or do you just sweep the old fashioned way? Do you have a new fangled, robot Vacuum that just runs around your house? Have you figured out a way to Vacuum a shedding dog that will not have calls rushing in to the SPCA?

Hope you had a Very, Very wonderful V day!


Heather Henry said...

Haha! I love this post! Great pictures too. I can't quite imagine vacuuming in heels and a dress, it's hard enough to be motivated in comfortable clothes. :) I have definitely vacuumed up my share of legos and things and we have had to dig things out of the bag on a few occasions, very messy! These days my boys are responsible for their rooms though. I am like you, I vacuum my wood floors, walls, couch, my cat won't even come near when the vacuum is around, so I don't think I could vacuum him. :)
I have a friend who is a part of a vacuum collectors group, I think he owns about 250 vacuums, he also repairs them. It's crazy, I never knew such groups existed, but there are people out there who adore vacuum cleaners. I tease him about it, but I have to say, it is nice to know someone who can spruce it up when it's not working right!
Have a wonderful day!!

Gregg said...

Very interesting! Great pics and what a wild vac that one was. You know, I am the romantic type - I love to romance. My wife, however, is an extremely practical and frugal gal who would rather use "romance money" you know candy, flowers, jewelry, dinners out, and etc. for practical things for the house, kids, or savings. Sometimes it has been hard but always fun!

Gregg Metcalf
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