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April 19, 2011

poppies and pretty flowers

The Poppies are blooming!!! 
Yeah! Poppies on "P" day! Perfect timing!

This new Poppy blossom is reminding me that Spring is here, 
bringing new beginnings and a new season of life. 

And these Pretty flowers just appeared in the middle of my little yard. 
I am not sure what they are. 
Don't they just look like Spring? 
How am I going to cut the grass with these Precious flowers Popping up all over?


Tara Tyler said...

you could always press them =)
they are pretty.
happy P day!

Heather Henry said...

I love the pretty little flowers. It's tough to mow over them.
I like Tara's idea, press them or paint a picture of them.
Right now I'm in the process of doing a drawing of poppies. I have never really drawn them before, I will probably post it when I finish it.
Spring is in the air and it is beautiful.
I hope you have a very pleasant day my friend! :)

li said...

I need a photo or painting of red poppies in a field for a (possible) e-book/book cover, if you'll keep me in mind. :)

~Rasz~ said...

Thanks Heather, I think I will sketch them, and maybe paint some too. It would be great practice and it it works, will last longer than the actual flowers too! I'm excited to see your poppies! And a beautiful day to you too my friend!

Hi Li, I live in the "land 'o poppies" so I will work on that pic for you. You could always contact Heather for a great painting as she just commented on being in the process of painting some too! And if my try at drawing/painting poppies works, I'm doing it in red for you. I love this connecting...

MISH said...

The flowers are so pretty ... :)You could make a dry arrangement ... use them in a scrap-booking project ...


~Rasz~ said...

Great idea Michelle! Thank you!