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April 18, 2011

opportunities and options

As the month rolls along, my appreciation for this A-Z Challenge increases. Today is the "O" day of the Challenge. Each day I spend time thinking of words that begin with the daily letter and then decide on which ones I want to use and why. 

My choice for blogging today is Opportunities and Options.

The older I get,  I am recognizing more and more Opportunities all around. I know they must have always been there, however I am aware of what might actually be an Opportunity even though it is packaged a little different than I would have chosen:

My job ends.
My car breaks down.
I have to move.
My youngest child moves out.

Believe me, none of the above are experiences I would have picked and those experiences usually do not happen with the best of timing. But these can be Opportunities to:

find a job that will feed my passion and purpose.
get exercise, learn the bus route and take time to sit and meet new people.
move to better home with great neighbors.
focus on myself and learn to overcome the quiet.

I am welcoming the twists and turns of life as just Opportunities to learn, grow, experience and perhaps live a little better.

For me, Options go hand in hand with Opportunities.For every experience, I have a list of Options I can choose from. I can:

welcome the Opportunity.
become discouraged and give up.
feel sorry for myself.
reach out.
look for the positive.

Of course this is only a small list of Options I can conjure up in my mind when faced with the unexpected. I am learning though, the Option I choose really can create my attitude towards the experience.

What are some Opportunities and Options that have been presented to you lately?


Sylvia van Bruggen said...

What an amazing post. So inspiring!

I have had several opportunities this week, and I jumped into all of them.

I don't care if they fail, I just care about taking a jump :)

Arlee Bird said...

So often opportunities are seen as obstacles and options as difficult decisions. I guess with age comes more wisdom and tolerance. Too bad our eyes are more open to recognizing these things when we're younger and able to do more with them.

Tossing It Out
Twitter hashtag: #atozchallenge

Heather Henry said...

I can relate to some of the opportunities that have come your way. I guess life is always full of options and opportunities and everyday we get to choose which ones we are going to open ourselves up to.
Lately, mine have been centered around art. I have had the opportunity to teach art lessons and have been commissioned to do some art work locally. It has been a change from what I used to do and I've been in a period of many transitions. At first, I was sad for the changes and for things coming to an end, but now I see it as an abundance of opportunities that I can pick and choose from.
Great post!! :)

~Rasz~ said...

I am glad you could relate to my post. Thanks for your comments.

Heather, it's great you can see all the opportunity available from your life changes. I wish I was closer to you. I would definitely be signing up for your art classes. You are amazingly gifted. You appear to be blossoming from what I see.

I agree Lee, and both your posts for N and O explain what happens with how we view our circumstances.

Sylvia your comment hit home for me. I am finally able to think like that, just taking the jump into opportunities! That inspired me, thank you.

sema said...

An inspiring post!
Opportunity lies behind difficulties and how we see them reflects on how our life will be.