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April 16, 2011

never say never

I think Never is a jinx word. You know one of those words that comes out of someone's mouth to end up happening nonetheless. In my 49 years, I cannot even count all the times I said Never about something only to be experiencing the Never soon after. I have used Never to describe something I would Never do, something that would Never happen to me, or situations I would Never find myself in...most all happened regardless of my Never attitude.

A teenager is great to talk to. They can rattle off all the things that they will Never do, like get married, have children, work in fast food, make mistakes they have seen others make... only to find that life sometimes brings those Nevers into their lives.

A young woman with her first newborn has the childraising plan all figured out, along with all the things that her child will Never do...well most of us moms know how that works out.

The Never list can go on and on.

Even recently my Nevers have come to life...

Several years ago I had numerous people tell me I should try blogging. Blogging? Not me, I would Never blog. I was going to write a book. That was my plan.

I Never thought I would ever sketch or paint. I was going to sew, and be creative sewing. I would Never use paints, pencils, charcoals...not me!

So I give...Never say Never...here I am painting, sketching, blogging, volunteering in ways I Never thought I could, starting a new career I Never imagined possible, and finding joy in life I Never knew existed.

And also posting, on a blog I thought would Never exist, a picture of these cool new paint sticks I got today to do the painting on the sketches I Never thought I would be creating!

So the lesson today is Never say Never and let our God given purpose and passion come to be.


Kristy said...

Never say NEVER....Amen Sister! I am in the same Never say Never boat with you ! We can do anything we put our hearts and souls into!! Great post !! xxxxx

Heather Henry said...

I love this post. I recall a time (I was much younger,haha) when I used to say, I will never do this or never do that. I think I've pretty much done and experienced every never that has come out of my mouth. I think when you throw it out there, it comes back to find you and prove you wrong. I've learned that Never is a very tricky word. I try not to say it anymore, for fear of what craziness will come back to haunt me. :) I've also learned that no matter what, God has a hand in things and it's much easier to trust Him and know that nothing is impossible.
I am excited to see what you will be creating next with your lovely new paint sticks. I'm happy you're blogging, creating, painting, sketching and happier that I've had the pleasure of befriending you.
Have a beautiful day! :)
I'm off to Neverland...

li said...

Well, then, I am going to make a list of all the things I want to happen and then say they'll NEVER happen, and maybe they will? Reverse psychology, or am I trying to trick the cosmos. *Closes eyes* I am NEVER going to have a book published. There.
(If I do, you'll be the first to know.)

~Rasz~ said...

Oh Kristy...you said it perfectly!!

And Heather I think you and I have been on the same path, so glad to have you as a friend too!

Well Li, I have read your writing and I am sure you WILL have a book published. I get hooked every time I am on your blog. You are incredibly talented! You let me know and I have dibs on the first copy for sale!

Jeffrey Beesler said...

Sometimes life just throws you in the direction you're meant to go whether you like it or not. Happy to meet you via the A-Z Challenge!

Gregg said...

I wish the reverse worked. I have said never a couple of times and well you know... Good post!

Gregg Metcalf
Colossians 1:28-29

Gospel-driven Disciples

~Rasz~ said...

It's great to meet you too Jeffrey. Thank you for stopping by and commenting. We do end up where we are meant to be, one way or another.

Yes Gregg, I do know. All too well, but that is what life is about, right?