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April 24, 2011

my easter day surprise!

I just received the Blogger Buddy Award from my friend Heather over at Little Red Henry. She is one of the first bloggers I connected with and have enjoyed her blog, her posts, her comments and her friendship every day! She is an incredible artist and such a sweet spirited person. Thank you Heather, you ROCK!!!! Oh and hummingbirds are my favorite right after dragonflies! Aren't they pretty?
Blogger Buddy Award
I have received three awards this month that I want to pass along. With all that has happened recently, I have not done that as of yet. I will be passing these awards along to other wonderfully awesome bloggers very soon. Forgive me for being a little slow about it. I feel if I do it in a rush, I may miss out on writing how I truly feel and not give them or their blogs the credit they deserve.

Enjoy the rest of Easter Day!


li said...

Congrats! Well-deserved. And a smart move, to take your time and do the awards when you have time. And the award is well-suited to you, both the title of the award and the beauty of it :))

~Rasz~ said...

Thanks Li, and you have also been one of those incredible people I have met thru the A-Z Challenge that I consider a friend and an inspiration. I am one of your biggest fans. You are truly an amazing woman and storyteller.

Heather Henry said...

You are both amazing!! I have truly enjoyed getting to know both of you! Wish we all lived near each other, so we could meet for coffee and be creative together.