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April 14, 2011


playing with stick paints for an ATC
It's been a long week. Actually it's been a long month, with more at times than I thought I could handle. Between loosing my brother and mourning him, my work, volunteering commitments, my health and my family I am definitely tired, and more emotionally tired than physically tired, but tired nonetheless. 

I got home tonight, 14 hours after I left this morning and remembered I had no post today for the A-Z Challenge. Oh no, the letter L. I have not finished any art projects to post so I thought about what came to mind starting with the letter L. I immediately began singing "Lean On Me". What a great song. 

I could have posted about the song, or about how important it is to have others to lean on. And how important it is to be the one they can lean on when necessary. Showing up for each other and supporting one another is important. We were not meant to do life alone. Along with supportive people around us, I think there is also something deep inside each one of us that keeps us going through thick and thin.

For me, it's LOVE.

I am there for my children regardless of what I am going through emotionally or physically, 
because I love them.

I listen to a friend that needs to talk no matter how tired I am,
because I love her.

I go to my job when I want to just stay home in bed,
because I love what I do.

I volunteer although I may also be in need,
because I love my neighbors.

I pray and give thanks, even though I may be hurting,
because I love God.

I show up every day for the A-Z Challenge no matter what,
because I love this opportunity and this community.

True, unselfish love is one of the biggest things that keeps me going through all times, difficult and smooth.

What is it that motivates you to keep moving forward no matter what?


Keena said...

sorry to hear about your brother. my prayers are with you.

allison said...

This is such a great post - I can definitely relate! Time seems to be rushing by, but also seems SO slow. My grandparents haven't even been gone two weeks yet, but it also seems like years have past since they died. Very strange.

Your ATC is beautiful! I used to make them, recently found my stash and want to get back into them soon.

~Rasz~ said...

Thank you Keena, you are very sweet.

~Rasz~ said...

I remember your grandparents and my brother were about the same time. I thought about that reading your comment, wow, only two weeks. It does seem so much longer and I agree it is very strange.

The ATC here was an experiment with texture and paint sticks, nice effect. I like ATCs and have recently joined a local ATC group, it's lots of fun and what amazing artists. Those little cards are definitely works of art! I'll trade with you if you get back into it!

Heather Henry said...

I'm very sorry to hear about your losses. It's always tough to go through.
My thoughts and prayers will be with you, as well.

I think Love is truly the greatest thing we have and what life is all about. Not only to love those who are easy to love, but to learn to love those who aren't so easy to love, without condition. I think what always gets me through and motivates me, is knowing that God is with me, it immediately gives me a feeling of peace. I like to imagine that I can look next to me and there He is, with His arms around me, encouraging me, reminding me that He loves me. It's amazing the people He places in our lives who do that very thing....wrap their arms around us, encourage us, remind us that we are loved.

~Rasz~ said...

I agree totally Heather. You are one of those people God has placed in my life to give me encouragement, support and reminders that I am loved. And the words that give me a smile when I need it most.