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April 12, 2011


What I am really enjoying about this A-Z Challenge is I am thinking about all the words starting with the corresponding letter of the day. I have been paying attention to what I say, what I hear and what I read. There are plenty of words that start with J however the one that Just comes to mind is Just. 

I am not sure how this word is used in other English speaking countries, yet I am well aware of the multiple uses of this word in America. The first use I thought of was how well meaning people say to others "Just do...", "Just try..." "Just go here or there"...we have all heard the Just________ statements. I think these statements are gentle nudges at times from others to get us to Just take the first step in a positive or new direction. Even Nike uses the saying "Just Do It!" Just can be used in a good way.

Then I thought about how the word Just can be used in a negative way also. Such as "she is Just lazy" or "can't you Just do this and that", once again the list can go on.

This little four letter word can be used to describe something as true or deserved, getting our Just rewards. With all the different ways this one word could be used swirling around in my head, I did what I usually do when I want to get some data to back up my thoughts, I Google'd it! 
This is what I found  on dictionary.reference.com/browse/just

1. guided by truth, reason, justice, and fairness: We hope to be just in our understanding of such difficult situations.
2. done or made according to principle; equitable; proper: a just reply.
3. based on right; rightful; lawful: a just claim.
4. in keeping with truth or fact; true; correct: a just analysis.
5. given or awarded rightly; deserved, as a sentence,punishment, or reward: a just penalty.
6. in accordance with standards or requirements; proper or right: just proportions.
7. (especially in Biblical use) righteous.
8. actual, real, or genuine.
9. within a brief preceding time; but a moment before: The sun just came out.
10. exactly or precisely: This is just what I mean.
11. by a narrow margin; barely: The arrow just missed the mark.
12. only or merely: He was just a clerk until he became ambitious.
13. actually; really; positively: The weather is just glorious.

13 definitions! So aren't you Just glad I used Just Just to share what I learned about Just for my J post today?


Heather Henry said...

I just read your post and it was just fabulous. I just love words so much. haha! I love to look up words in the dictionary and see their true meaning. Awesome!! Have a jolly good day!

allison said...

I use "just" waaaay too much in writing, and even work emails! I've started to stop, read back over it, and usually eliminate every instance of the word.

- allison writes

Nate Wilson said...

Phew! Now that I know just has 13 distinct definitions, I don't feel nearly as bad about using it as often as I do in my writing. (Never mind that I just use its adverb form...)

li said...

Good post! I never really paid attention to how often I use it. (Or whether it was necessary!) I love posts that make me think.