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April 11, 2011

inspiration and intent

Inspired by recent events
In progress through Intent
Inspiration is one of my "labels" because of its Importance in my life. Inspiring people, blogs, posts, pictures and life events stir the creative embers in my soul. Anything, a plate of food, a flower, a piece of fabric, patterns on a rug, colors in nature all of which Inspire my Imagination. Isn't that where beautiful poetry comes from? books? stories? paintings? A person Inspires another person...a picture Inspires another picture...a book Inspires another book...and so on.

Intent puts Inspiration into motion. I'm working on my Intent.
What Inspires you? How do you use Intent to follow through?

Have an Inspirational Day!


li said...

Honestly, anything can inspire me to write, even my overflowing trash can.
(I love dragonflies, BTW.)
People inspire me; when they do good, I want to emulate them, when they do evil, I want to draw attention to it and/or correct it.
My intentions often fall short of action, but we can only try :))

Arlee Bird said...

The ability to inspire is a great gift. One's internal inspiration derives greater focus from intent. With any intent present, inspiration can be scattered and unpredictable. Good combination of I words.

Tossing It Out
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~Rasz~ said...

Thank you Arlee and Li for your awesome comments.