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April 24, 2011

happy easter everyone

I pray that everyone who wants celebrate Easter is with family, friends and/or their communities today.
For me, as a Christian, Easter is God's day for reminding us of new beginnings and new life through Jesus!

I made our Easter Baskets this year! I used strips of paper grocery bags, weaved the paper and painted them. And even though my boys are pretty well grown up, the Easter Bunny still shows up every year to fill their baskets.

Blessings and Happy Easter to all.


li said...

Those are super cool! I love eco-friendly recycling stuff, and you're so creative!

~Rasz~ said...

Thanks Li, and it helps when taking the Handmade Challenge and the Dottie Angel Challenge. I'm learning to be creative. The new, non-handmade or secondhand matchbox cars came from the easter bunny so I'm off the hook, haha!

Heather Henry said...

Those are great! You are so creative and I love the idea of something you can recycle. We have used baskets over the years (and yes our boys are all in their teens, close to adulthood too) and I didn't want to go digging for the baskets, our closet is over full. So I was going to buy new ones, they were sold out everywhere, so I found some cheap organizing baskets and will reuse them to organize all of our random items on shelves. Why didn't I think of this sooner?
My husband is great about keeping our traditions no matter what age our children are. They did an Easter egg hunt yesterday and had a blast with it. We also kept the spirit of Easter and new beginnings. Spent time with family and enjoyed the day together. What a blessing!