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April 07, 2011

focus on finishing projects

This is one of the First mixed media projects I started. Both pieces were made from the covers of books, collaged, painted, drawn on and then I painted the additional collaged picture of a coffee cup. This was going to be my First handmade journal for my daily morning pages. I never Finished it as I did not take the time to learn book binding.

This is my sketchbook challenge from last month that I had planned to paint, and also promised to post the Finished project on my blog. I started to paint it, then realized if I sketch with a General's Sketch & Wash graphite pencil, adding water based paint will smudge the lines. Oh, now I remember what happened with Charlene's wet nose and tongue earlier. I think it is salvageable. I want to Finish this also.

So today I am going to Focus on Finishing projects!

What are you Focusing on today?


allison said...

I love the Morning Pages piece! I have SO much coffee art in my kitchen (helplessly addicted) but never thought to try my hand at my own!

I'd also love to learn book binding. I love holding books as I read them; I can't imagine how exhilarating it'd feel to actually make my own.

- allison writes

~Rasz~ said...

hi allison. I LOVE coffee...I live on coffee and water, decaf/regular just coffee! And I also like coffee art. I am going to try to make some coffee art for my kitchen too. As for binding, i found this cool youtube on coptic (i think that's what its called) binding that i keep watching but haven't tried. if i can figure it out and actually do it this time, i'll post it. your comment inspired me, thanks.

li said...

I have a tough time finishing projects too. I started to learn watercolour but gave up. Maybe when I retire! (Then you can bind them into a book for me!)

~Rasz~ said...

hi li! I just finished binding the journal. I think I need a little more practice and more bandaids before I do yours! Good thing you are a long way from retiring.