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April 06, 2011

e for today

Thought all day about the letter E...my head was Empty for something to blog about. After work I sat outside in the sunshine and doodled E, which became Entangled in vines. Good start. I started another E just to see what would happen. I liked it. And some E words came to mind so I wrote them next to my new E. Realizing I did not have Enough E words in my vocabulary, I got some assistance from the crosswordsolver.org 
(okay all you A-Z Challengers, this site will really help your vocabulary and I guess crosswords too, if you get stumped on a letter)
So here is my tribute to the letter E for the E day of the A-Z Challenge:


allison said...

It's funny that it's so hard to write something and not use the letter E, but so many people blank when you have to think of words that start with it! I love the entangled E. I was going to draw (in Illustrator, I can't hand-draw!) pictures for each letter that went with my entries, and now I'm glad I didn't have time to! Your stuff is so cute and bright!

- allison writes

li said...

I really like the E with the vines! very earthy:)) Reminds me of the old illustrated manuscripts from the Middle Ages.

Amanda Trought said...

There are some great words beginning with the letter E that i can see on your sheet...definitely encouraging!

~Rasz~ said...

hi allison, i never thought i could draw anything. i know my drawings are simple but it's so fun. although if i had illustrator or photoshop (or any other good graphics program) on my computer i probably would never have attempted hand drawing. i love creating with those programs.

hi li, i thought the same thing. the e looks like its made from wood just did not show up that way in the picture.

hi amanda, yes you are so right. i really could not think of any until i actually wrote the letter e. it encouraged me.

i got to get out on your blogs last night and will continue daily. thank you for your comments.