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April 05, 2011

Dreams and Drama...Daffodils and Dandylions

I read a plaque today, several times, and it said:
"focus on the dream, not the drama".
 What a great sentence! Dreams can take us to high places whereas focusing on drama can lead us into darker drama at times. When I got a break at work I walked outside and looked at all the blooming daffodils. Honestly I have never seen so many daffodils in all the years I have lived in this county. They are everywhere! Until I noticed the dandylions. Those pesky weeds with the yellow flowers. Once I focused on the dandylions, all I saw were more dandylions. I no longer noticed the daffodils, now all I saw were hundreds of dandylions, everywhere!

Then I got it! The saying on the plaque.
Focus on the dream, not the drama.
Focus on the daffodils not the dandylions.
Both are everywhere. It's our choice what to focus on.

Make it a great day! 


li said...

Yeah, I try and avoid "high-drama" people in my life. So stressful. Sometimes the quiet, shy ones get overlooked :)

sema said...

Truly a great quote!
My word for D was also Dream.

Expressive Impressive
Visiting from A to Z challenge

Keena said...

Thanks for the encouragung words. I too dislike drama.

muso-blog-hog said...

Hey R ~~ great post ! I love solitude and generally avoid too much drama ! Solitude allows for reflection ...


~Rasz~ said...

Thanks for posting comments and glad to know we are all on the SS Avoid the Drama cruiseline (I'm trying at a little vacation here so the idea of being on a ship in the ocean sounds wonderful).