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April 02, 2011


Sometimes we need to believe in ourselves
Sometimes we need to believe in our dreams
Sometimes we need to believe in others
Because sometimes the world doesn't

I have come to realize what I believe, my deeply rooted internal belief system, has shaped my finances, my relationships, my career choices and my dreams. Once I realized this, when I changed my beliefs, my life changed for the better.

Henry Ford said it best:"If you think you can do a thing or think you can't do a thing, you're right." That is the truth, it is our choice to believe whether we can or can't.

What if the Wright brothers didn't "believe" man could create a machine that could fly?

What if the brave women of the early 1900's didn't "believe" that women had the right to vote?

What if Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. didn't "believe" in the dream of equality for all?

These were all ordinary people, like you and me, that just "believed". Look around. Someone, somewhere, "believed" there could be electricity, automobiles, telephones, internet, cell phones, your blog, this blog...all possible from an idea that someone "believed" in.

To understand how powerful our beliefs can be, ask the numerous paraplegic and quadriplegic artists, athletes and teachers (Google it, you'll be inspired by their stories). Regardless of physical limitations or societal beliefs, their internal belief systems say "I believe I can", and they can!

Sometimes we are unable to believe in ourselves. Having just one person take the time to recognize us and our potential, to believe in us, can help us have hope and believe in ourselves as well. Is there someone that needs to know you believe in them? Is there a person at your work, in your neighborhood, in your community, that might believe in themselves if someone else saw their potential? Can you believe in them? Would you encourage someone with a disability or health issue to do something they dream of even though it would seem impossible to you, based on your beliefs? What do you believe in others?

I know for myself I would not be here writing, painting, drawing, creating, blogging without just a few people believing in me recently. With their belief and encouragement I started believing in myself. Now my internal belief system is changing and so is my world.

I believe our belief systems can determine our destiny. Our internal beliefs and accepting others' beliefs about our abilities, our physical appearance, our intellect, our class in society, our finances, our relationships or our families of origin can either paralyze us or propel us. It is our choice. What are your internal beliefs saying about you right now? Are your beliefs holding you back from your passion, purpose and your dreams or are you able to honestly believe in yourself and the endless possibilities available to you?

If you are not a belief believer, try it today. Believe in yourself. Take baby steps. Try something small. Just say "I believe  _______________ (fill in the blank) Even if you do not really believe it, just say it several times a day for a few days you will see a difference.

Regardless of finances, health or past setbacks I believe "I CAN...".
Can you join me in believing "YOU CAN..." too?

Beliefs are powerful! Believe in yourself, believe in your dreams, change your world.

Adding this announcement: Sylvia at Word Doodles gave me the Stylish Blogger Award today! Thank you Sylvia.  You are so sweet and have a wonderful blog too! Great writing and tips! Check her blog out here.


li said...

Great post. Inspiring. On a lighter note, I believe I need a nap.

Tony Payne said...

I guess if nobody believed that they had the power to change the world, we would all still be living in the dark ages. I just wish all the changes were for the better.

Heather Henry said...

This is really beautiful and very inspiring. It's amazing the wings that one grows when someone else believes in them. The wings have been there all along and with others encouraging them, they begin to open and soon they're able to fly. I think it's one of the greatest things we can do for each other. Encourage, support, bless, believe. Thank you for the reminder. Have a wonderful weekend! :) I love the painting. It reminds me a bit of Flavia.

~Rasz~ said...

Thank you for your comment Heather. Belief is something so important to me. As for the painting, the words that are not easily seen are Believe In Your Dream. The picture of the picture is not very good. My oldest son took this one home as soon as it was dry. And to remind you of Flavia, WOW! I am so grateful for all of your encouragement too. You are helping me along this path and I am so grateful to have you here.

~Rasz~ said...

Yes Tony I agree! And Li, I hope you enjoyed your nap, I had to go to work. I believe its time for me to go paint those flowers from the Sketchbook Challenge.

muso-blog-hog said...

Hey Rasz ~~ a great post !!
Jesse Jackson said it perfectly :
"If my mind can conceive it and my heart can believe it , then I know I can achieve it !"


Noemi said...

I have to say that today I have been reading a lot of blog posts, and I don't think I have found a post with more truth together than yours.
Belief makes things happen, and I could tell you more than one story on how belief has made a difference in my life.
There is a powerful cocktail, belief, mixed with support and passion. It makes wonders.

Kristy said...

Great post !! I believe in myself now more than ever. After my husband passed away I had to learn that "I CAN" had to be part of my vocabu;ary! I am doing things in my life that I never believed I could !!! Hugs to you !!!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Every step was a new level of belief, but I believed I could write a book right up until it became a reality. Great word for B!

Dawn Embers said...

Nice post and a good decision for the B day. I like the picture. It's really neat looking.

Diane said...

This is a beautiful post, Rasz.

I am enjoying the same path, as you know. I feel like my career is just beginning. I even spoke to my husband just this morning about how I can make my dreams for the future come true, how I can spend the remainder of my life doing what makes me happy rather than just making a living.

Your post has inspired me further. Thanks for posting about believing on oneself.