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April 01, 2011

april's a-z blogging challenge has begun

The April A-Z Blogging Challenge has started. As a participant in the challenge, I will blog every day except Sunday during the month of April. This will be 26 days of blogging with each day's blog following the alphabet. Today is A so April A-Z Challenge seemed fitting. I highly recommend clicking here to see a list of over a thousand other bloggers participating and the links to their blogs. There are not too many "art blogs" so I glad to be among the more experienced, talented artist bloggers out there.

Since I have just begun my blogging and artistic journey less than a month ago, I see myself as a little girl just entering the School of Blogging and Art. I sat up last night nervous and excited awaiting the first day to come.

This challenge will assist me in the dedication needed to blog along with developing my imagination by creating artwork and posts to coincide with letters from the alphabet. I will get to learn from and enjoy what some of my favorite blogging artists and writers are doing with this challenge. This is most definitely an exciting beginning for me.

With all that said, words beginning with the letter "A" have been swirling around in my head with awesome, amazing, affirming, artistic images joining in. And still the one in the forefront of my mind is:
A is for Apple
Have a great day!

Adding a BIG THANK YOU to Deirdra at A Story Book World for awarding me with the Creative Blog Award today. I'm honored!


li said...

An apple a day keeps us blogging away. (Hides head in shame.)Hope you'll be sharing some art?

Amanda Trought said...

Great to be on this journey with you, Its going to be exciting to see how we all develop over the month in our writing. Looking forward to reading your posts. Stay blessed...

Deirdra Eden-Coppel said...

I love your site and as I browsed your blog I decided to award you the Creative Blog Award.

Go to http://astorybookworld.blogspot.com/p/awards.html and pick up your award.


busy91 said...

Sounds like you'll have a lot of fun with it. Good luck on your challenge.

allison said...

You drew that? Super cute! Do you freehand and scan in, or use Illustrator or a tablet or what? I'm a graphic designer with absolutely NO drawing skills, so my attempts look very comic-booky...

muso-blog-hog said...

Hey Rasz ~~ I look forward to checking out your daily posts to see what an A~Z art blog will showcase ~~ should be interesting ! Enjoy the challenge !


Dafeenah said...

It's great to be on this journey with you. It should be interesting and full of surprises! I was like you. I was nervous about my first post. Wondering if people would like it or get my writing. It was just like the first day of school except everyone is way nicer.

Stopping by from the Challenge


~Rasz~ said...

Hi Li- Your "A" post was incredible. You have such a way with words as I hang on each one. As for the art, I hope I'll be sharing some really soon too. Seems with a busy full time job this week I have not created much, YET! Tonight I start back at playing, YEAH!!!!

Hi Amanda-I am hoping to develop my writing and creative skills through this. You are an inspiration to me as a writer and an artist. You are so talented.

Hi Deirdra-Thank you so much. I will head over there! You are so sweet.

Hi busy-through your profile I found the Sew Retro. I love to sew and create all kinds of items with recycled and remnant fabric...and I love retro/vintage! Sweet! Thanks for visiting!

Allison-The pictures on this "A" post of the ABCs and Apple are just MS Clip Art (yep, I cheated this time). I drew the flowers on the post before this one, freehand, and I took a picture of it, and uploaded it. The other pictures from the posts before are all freehand also. I do not have any good graphic programs (wish I did, I love playing with graphics) and I have never drawn before this last month, except doodling if that counts, so this is fun. Your blog and your writing is great BTW!

Michelle-Love your blog and I look forward to your posts also.

~Rasz~ said...

Hi Dafeena-Its great to be with you also. Thanks for sharing how it was for you in the beginning. Your blog is great and your "A" post so hit home for me. I am excited to keep reading your writing. I certainly "like it" and "get it". You're right about people out here being way nicer.

Anonymous said...

Good luck on the A to Z challenge!

Heather Henry said...

I love your post. You are so sweet! For me it seems that when I think of A, it's always for Apple. :) It just very naturally fits. I'm really excited to see what other wonderful posts as well as artwork you put on here. I know it's going to be beautiful. Have a great weekend and happy April!! :)

Tony Payne said...

Great start to the blog, it's good to see you here.

Sylvia van Bruggen said...

you are the third apple I see today, on my blog exploration!

I also see that you don't have the stylish blogger award yet! I am remedying that right now :)

Pick up your award here! http://bit.ly/awardpickup

Greetings from a fellow
A to Z blogger :)

Noemi said...

Hi! I am also a crafting blogger, so it is good to have found you.
I am also quite new at blogging so I thought that this challenge would be like a crash course for me.
And on top pf that English is not my mother tongue.
Good luck to you and to me.
A big hug from Spain.