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April 03, 2011

another very special B post

The A-Z Challenge has really been an inspiration to me as I put together words and thoughts corresponding to the letter of the alphabet. Yesterday, April 2nd, was the letter B and I blogged early in the morning about "Beliefs", a very powerful and life changing word. I had no idea at that time that within several hours an even more special B word, a very special B person would be the B that became my focus, my tears, my memories. I would have blogged yesterday however people had to be notified before it hit the internet.

Yesterday afternoon my brother passed away after a long battle with health issues. He was my Big Brother and his name was Bruce. How fitting to pay a small tribute here to my Big Brother Bruce who passed away on the B day of the A-Z Challenge. Knowing my brother and his love for getting the last laugh in, I can only smile thinking he probably planned it this way. He was a strong, gentle, goofy and courageous brother, a decorated Vietnam Vet, a son, a husband, a father, a grandfather, an uncle, a friend to many. He was also someone who believed in me.

May his memory live on in the hearts and lives he has touched.

To all the blogger friends who have left such sweet, amazing comments on my original B posts, THANK YOU!!!! Reading those comments and having this community to keep me smiling helps so much. You all are incredibly awesome.


allison said...

Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry to hear about this! I'm glad you have so many memories, and please know you and your family will be in my thoughts. <3

Anonymous said...

Although I only spoke with Bruce a couple of times, he certainly made it apparent how much he loved you. Hearing your stories about how he taught you to fend for yourself and pulling your hair, thinking he was toughening your scalp,.. really! He was quite the character.

You will always have those wonderful, and yes, some whacky, memories of your big brother Bruce. But always know you have them to hold on to, cherish, and share. In the midst of the drying tears you should know, your face lights up when you speak of him.

The dull, numb, helpless feelings do subside. The wishing you could have seen him one last time takes a bit longer. But as I said, the memories will always be there.

Though I haven't a blog, might I sneak a little suggestion in for this "A to Z" challenge your participating in? "C" could be for Conviction.

The conviction I have witnessed you invest in this blog and these wonderful fulfilling folks you have found is just what you need in this stage of your life and healing from your loss. Bless you my dear, your strength and spirit are showing.

Diane said...

I'm so so sorry for your loss. I hope you and your family can comfort each other and celebrate his life.

li said...

Oh honey, so sorry. It sounds like you have wonderful memories of him. And yes, when you write of him you DO make him immortal in a way. C is for Courage, which you apparently have in spades. Thinking of you today :)

Kristy said...

I am so sorry for your loss. I know the loss of a brother and it is a gut wrenching event in ones life. Sending you hugs and prayers for comfort and peace !! Kristy

Matt Conlon said...

Sincerest of condolences. Death is certainly the most difficult part of life. Hopefully blogging will help you in your healing process. It's helped me in the past.

Matt Conlon dot com
Matt's Brew Log

~Rasz~ said...

Thank you for your heartfelt messages. The support and healing I have found in the blogging community has been such an inspiration, even before by brother's passing. This is one of the most close knit, supportive, healing communitites and I am honored to be part of the blogging world. It is such a blessing. I keep thinking of all the people who told me "you need to start a blog" for the past three years. So glad I finally listened.

Please know you are all held close in my heart, thoughts and prayers also. Once I get my footing, I will be back out visiting your blogs, commenting, sharing and passing on these awards I have recieved this week!

For today, just staying with the A-Z Challenge is healing. Thank you Arlee Bird and crew for offering up this challenge! It certainly has been something I look forward to every day.