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March 26, 2011

passing the award on...

In my previous post late last night I announced with great honor that Heather at Little Red Henry awarded me with the One Lovely Blog Award. As tradition of this award, the recipient passes this award onto three (or more) other bloggers. If I could, it would most likely go to all the countless, amazing blogs I have visited in the past several months since I have started this journey. However I do not think that is the original idea of this award. So what I have done is chosen a couple of blogs/bloggers who have touched my heart, inspired me, encouraged me, made me smile and brightened my day. You are all wonderful!

So it is with great pleasure (drum roll please)

this One Lovely Blog Award is passed on to:

Mystele at http://www.mystele.com/. Reading Mystele's blog, looking at her artwork and her YouTube videos sends me straight to my Graceful Whispers Studio (aka my dining room table turned art room/table/mess) with my creative juices flowing. Not only is Mystele an incredible artist and teacher, she shares God's encouraging word, wisdom and love in all she does. Mystele is the woman who originally told me I had it in me to follow my dreams and she encouraged me to just do it. Thank you Mystele. I truly believe without your gentle nudging, I would never found the courage to get out here, blog, paint, share, connect and create! You are forever in my heart & my prayers, my friend.

Kristy at http://myhealingthroughartstory.blogspot.com/ Kristy is an artist and a woman who has found positive healing through art from tragedy and is sharing her journey. Kristy is brave, positive and upbeat. She shares her art and her story in such an inspirational way. Thank you Kristy!

Diane at http://dianecostanza.blogspot.com/. Diane is another incredible artist/blogger and upcycles like me, so I feel a connection with all she creates. Along with having a great blog & great art she has a beautiful sharing heart. Diane helped me untangle and navigate the blog designing set up world to create my blog. That is the kind of person she is. Her heart makes me feel special and her artwork inspires me. Thank you Diane!

Tina the Knitting Contessa at http://knittingcontessa.blogspot.com/. Tina is funny, talented, upbeat, authentic and her blog always makes me smile & laugh. She shares lots of great pictures, her creative adventures and her life. When I read her blog I feel as if I am sharing a cup of coffee and talking about the week. She makes me feel like I am a friend being welcomed into her life through her blog. Thank you Tina for just being you!

Amanda at http://realityarts-creativity.blogspot.com/. Amanda's art is incredibly inspiring to me as are her posts. One of the first posts I read was Balance. She had pictures of this rock with the word "Balance" placed in different locations and wrote about having to find balance in these areas. I could so relate as this was currently a struggle in my life. Along with the other women above, Amanda's spirit shines brightly, her words encourage and she is a light in our world. Thank you Amanda.

So here's what you do once you receive the award:

Post this award on your blog together with the name of the person who gave you the award and their blog link. Thanks again to Heather at Little Red Henry

Then, pass the award to 3 or more other blogs and contact them so they know you have chosen them for this award. Oops...I better get busy and do that!! 

Happy Saturday Everyone.


tina said...

Well you are just the sweetest thing! I appreciate your kind words very much!! I enjoy YOU TOO! :) I'll pass on the goodness in the next couple of days! Thank you!!

Diane said...

Thanks so much Robin! I am very touched by your generous comments and I am going to spread the love to a few other bloggers I also admire.

I also want to thank you for providing links to my fellow winners so now I have some more artists and creators to admire!


li said...

:) Isn't it fun to spread the love? Have a good Sunday.