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March 27, 2011

learning something new about blog design, ugh!

So here I am, a new blogger of only 19 days, and every day I learn something new. Partially because I am not one to read, study, learn and THEN do whatever it is I am trying to do. No, my approach is more like figuring out the "how to start" and then I jump right in with lots of enthusiasm and a great big imagination, but no information. Of course this approach leads to numerous bumps in the road, right? For me, my approach leads to lessons learned that I actually will retain once I fix whatever I have done. I tell myself I really will research next time but my impatience wins over with each new exciting adventure.

This leads to what happened last night. My blog looked okay to me, that is viewing it from my Blogger dashboard, on my little five year old laptop (which needs a new hard drive & memory) with Firefox/Mozilla as my internet browser. Then I viewed my blog on a full sized home computer using Internet Explorer, Uh-Oh! I thought maybe all the never-ending rain we're having here could've caused the snafu, however that was reaching a bit. The layout did not work, words with the blogs I have linked on my sidebar were cut up, the font was too big....well you get the picture or if you are returning here, you may have noticed. I am sure this information is somewhere in the Blogger Help world.

The great news for me is I fixed all the little things and a few more by using my little laptop and designing using Internet Explorer. My blog layout now looks good from both browsers on different screens. My apologies to everyone whose blog links were not looking too good.

Lesson learned, hopefully retained. If you are a new blogger like me using one browser, check your blog in another browser or from a newer, larger computer (or a smaller, older one) without being logged in.

Has anyone else ever had any other issues like this?

Have a great Sunday!


li said...

Countless. Too embarrassed to admit them. That's why my blog layout is so simple. I learn like you do...I spent 4 hours sweating over "winterizing" the lawn mower. The manual was not a lot of help. (Who the heck does the drawings for those things?) Now I can do it in about 20 minutes.

~Rasz~ said...

I am so happy to hear I am not the only one...and as for who does those drawings on instructions? I'm thinking the drawings are stolen clip art that "resembles" the object we're trying to fix.